The Top 30 Episodes of The Nishant Garg Show from 2021

The Nishant Garg Show

Thank you to all of you to make The Nishant Garg Show successful and take it to the next level. It would not have been possible without your support. I hope this mission will help you live mindfully and learn new habits and routines to live with abundance and manage the struggles and challenges of life.

The Nishant Garg Show has listened in to 32 countries based on Spotify statistics.

Here is a list of the Top 30 episodes downloaded/listened to in the decreasing order of the downloads in 4-5 weeks of publishing an episode. Each episode is unique and dear to me. I owe a huge thank you to all the listeners and guests on the show.

Please enjoy!

#1: Denise Shull — The Role of Emotions in Decision Making, Resolving Mental Blocks, Performance Coach to Professional Athletes, Understanding the Feelings, Experiencing Peak Performance, and More ( Episode #169)

#2: Sarah Sarkis on Mastery, Psychological flexibility, Emotional Skills and Self-Regulation Practices,   Relationship with Risk, Sense of Wellness, and More (Episode #153)

#3: Loch Kelly on Awakening, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness, Creating Spaciousness, Meeting with Anthony de Mello, and More (Episode #146)

#4: Jeremy Hunter on The Quality of Life and Attention, Meaningful and Engaged Life, Why Moments Matter, Japan Bathing Culture, and More (Episode #152)

#5: Ruchika Sikri — Head of Well-being Learning Strategy at Google (Episode #133) 

#6: Debbie Millman on Deep Relationships, Creativity and Growth, Importance of Therapy, Hope and Resilience, and More (Episode #154)

#7: Ariel Garten — Co-founder of Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband, Meditation Practice, Kill Your Inner Critic, and Much More (Episode #136)  

#8: Ora Nadrich — Transformational Thinking, Dream Work, Questioning your Thoughts, Cultivating Calm State, Life Gazing Practice, and More (Episode #158) 

#9: Dr. Dan Tomasulo — Learned Hopefulness, Science of Happiness and Hope, Cherishing Relationships, The Craft of Storytelling Writing, and Much More (Episode #131)

#10: Dr. Maria Sirois  — Overcoming Victim Mentality, Happiness in the Darkest Times, Finding Meaning in the Suffering, Lessons Learned from the Hospice Facility, and More (Episode #129)

#11: Dr. Ronald Siegel — Full Catastrophe Living, Escape vs Engagement, Restoring Moments of Sanity, Healthy Romantic Relationships (Episode #132)

#12: Marisa Porges, Head of The Baldwin School — The Power of Connection, Military Veteran, Building Adaptability and Courage, The Habit of Obsessive Note-Taking, and More (Episode #151)

#13: Kelly Boys — The Blind Spot Effect, From Autopilot to a Life of Insights, Developing Intelligence, Stepping out of Lifelong Patterns, and More (Episode #126)

#14: Raj Sisodia on Wholeness, Healing and Spiritual Journey, Mind Maps for Writing, Ayahuasca Experience, Feminine and Masculine Energy, Conscious Capitalism, and More (Episode #159)

#15: Della Duncan on Right Livelihood, Relationship with Money, Reducing Suffering, Sexual Violence Prevention, Buddhist Economics, 5Rhythms Dance, Finding Moments of Happiness, and More (Episode #160)

#16: Terri Lonowski — The Maven of Soulful (Episode #156)

#17: Jordan Harbinger — The Maker of The Jordan Harbinger Show and The Larry King of Podcasting (Episode #145)

#18: Dr. Susan LaCombe — Coping with Trauma, Emotionally Available Therapist, Somatic Models, Connection of Trauma with Nervous System, and Much More (Episode #135)

#19: Hunter Clarke-Fields on Raising Good Humans, Healing Childhood Trauma, Mindful Parenting, Doing the Inner Work, Expect Humanity and More (Episode #161)

#20: Cindy Vuu — Meeting with Dalai Lama, Foundation of Happiness, Living a Good Life, Interdependence and Impermanence, and More (Episode #155)

#21: Bryan Robinson on Work Addiction Recovery, Internal Family Systems(IFS) Therapy, Helping Recover Alanis Morissette, Why Relationships Fail, Doing Nothing, and More (Episode #165)

#22: Maureen Healy — How to Build Resilience in Children, Emotionally Healthy Child, Emotional Self-Regulation, and More (Episode #157)

#23: Dr. Romie Mushtaq — Optimizing Brain Health, Cure for Busy Brain, Restore Sanity, Sleep, & Sense of Connection, Wellness Paradigms, Connection with Divine, Root causes of Depression, and More (Episode #165)

#24: Nina Paul — Calming Anxiety and Distress,, Emotional Resilience Work, Emotional Freedom Tapping(EFT) technique, Therapy and Healing Modalities, and More (Episode #166)

#25: Michael Ostrolenk – The Emergent Human, Exploring Optimized Mind, Body, Health, Embodied Spirituality, Transcend Limits (Episode #141) 

#26: Wendy Quan on The Calm Monkey, Beating Cancer, Taking a Leap of Faith, and Much More (Episode #137) 

#27: Dr. Jacinta M. Jiménez — ‘The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success’, Science-backed steps to address Burnout and increase Resilience, and More (Episode #168)

#28: Judi Miller  — Healing Inherited Trauma from Ancestors, Forgiveness Recipe, Past Life Connections, 90 seconds rule, Reflections to Open Your Heart, and Much More (Episode #128)

#29: Daphne Rose Kingma — Finding True Love, Coming Apart, Why Relationships End, Living Through Crisis, and More (Episode #150)

#30: This place has ties between the two below episodes as they’ve got the exact same # of downloads.

Scott Shute, Head of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn on Full Body Yes, Changing Work from the Inside Out, Creativity, and More (Episode #147)

Kristi Roe — Lessons learned from 9/11, Creating Shared Meaning, Building Organizational Resilience, Handling Difficult Conversations, and Cultivating a Greater Sense of Purpose (Episode #130)

Please enjoy. Thank you so much for all your support. Your support drives me to do the work. This belongs to you all.

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