Dr. Susan LaCombe — Coping with Trauma, Emotionally Available Therapist, Somatic Models, Connection of Trauma with Nervous System, and Much More (#135)

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People are not lazy,  a good chunk of it is that people are tired depleted on the inside

– Susan Lacombe

Dr. Susan Lacombe is a closet-rebel psychologist working through her fears, trying to make an imprint on the world for something she believes is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  She was once very troubled—her trauma history had caught up to her early two clinical depressions before age 30.  She turned to therapy for an answer. Turned out to be the wrong solution—well for about 14 times Until . . . . . . around her 4th decade on this planet she found the right kind of therapy . . . or was it the right type of therapist? Tricky question.

The type of therapy her therapist used was a whole paradigm shift away from the others. It was a trauma-based somatic model. It not only made sense of her life, it suddenly became clear that the mental health field was approaching anxiety and depression with outdated methods. After a thousand clinical hours as a psychotherapist/psychologist and responding to hundreds of questions from people in therapy and seeing needless suffering, she wonders if we’re going about it all wrong.  

She believes that if we harness our energies to helping the unborn and later infant child, we’ll have far less issues with emotional dysregulation and with that, far lower rates of mental illness, anxiety, depression and related issues of abandonment, transference, authority issues and the like. She asks if we did that, could we change the trajectory of our trauma pattern as nations.

Please enjoy!

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Resources: DeCoding the Brain

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Show Notes:

  • Self-regulation therapy
  • Internal family systems
  • Two levels of talking therapy
  • Emotional available therapist
  • Why do we need therapy?
  • How to manage your emotions better
  • How psychotherapy changes the other person it’s through the nervous system of the therapist.
  • Health of the nervous system of the therapist
  • What does a trauma can do for a nervous system?
  • Why mindfulness can be hard for traumatized people in the beginning?
  • Setting up an agreement with the client before providing any tool in a therapy session
  • Practicing grounding technique
  • Flight exercise when mind is racing
  • What would you recommend to somebody to stop overthinking?
  • What challenges do you face when working with clients who are having anxiety problems, depression, stress
  • The right brain gives us purpose
  • and much more

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