Trust Within and Listening to Life

Hey Friends, I am sharing some of my favorite and interesting quotes on intuition, trust, and how to listen to life.

Life is guiding us in every moment when we get to do and who we get to become. It’s simple and not easy. There are many contemplative practices to learn to listen to life a.k.a. intuition. It’s a skillset to develop and worthwhile.

I have used these quotes as meditative and they guide me in different directions. Interestingly, I learn and get new guidance every time I read them as I evolve from one stage in life to another stage.

I hope you enjoy these quotes which help you in slowing down and guide you to listen to your life.

“Can you embrace the notion that your intuitive voices and life are not always going to be clear? Can you trust that you’re not always in control, driving the car of your life, but simply a passenger looking out the windows? And can you trust you will be okay regardless of what happens? In ambiguity, we often learn our deepest lessons.”Source: Molly Carroll: book Trust Within

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Terri Lonowski — The Maven of Soulful Listening (#156)

When we truly take care of ourselves and become fully present, we bring a quality of grace into every interaction.”

“Recognize that life itself is an incredible gift.  It is a miracle that any of us are here.  Sit with that for a moment.  All of life is at any one moment on the fragile brink of non-existence.  Behold the wonderment in the moment”

-Terri Lonowski

Terri Lonowski earned a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Nebraska and has made significant professional contributions throughout her career. These include serving as Chair of the American Counseling Association Foundation (philanthropic branch of the American Counseling Association with membership of over 40,000) and holding a gubernatorial appointment to the Nebraska State Workforce Investment Board.

As an expert consultant on US Department of Labor special projects, Terri has been at the leading edge of innovation, evolving nationwide workforce initiatives. She had the distinct privilege and honor of participating in two events held at The White House, showcasing innovative projects which embraced empathy and Design Thinking (a change management methodology).

She created Soulful Listening™ by incorporating Active Listening and Empathy elements, then added missing pieces, to address communication disconnect in the workplace and in personal relationships. Terri is a practitioner of Soulful Listening™, a Master Facilitator, and highly sought-after national and international speaker.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Who is Jacob Lonowsky and why do you consider him wise?
  • How did Jacob learn to cultivate this wisdom, emotional intelligence, and listening to the inner voice? Was it something you cultivated into him or did he just learn from other places?
  • While growing up, did you suggest Jacob some of the books or resources to learn from? Could you explain on that please?
  • What are the ways to practice and cultivate the relationship of emotional intelligence between a parent and a child?
  • What do you mean by moving body? Do you go to the gym?
  • Could you elaborate on your meditation practice? What does it look like on an everyday basis?
  • How do you process gratitude when it may not flow naturally? And how do you reflect back?
  • In soulful listening, you mentioned that first element is self care, second element is being in the present moment. And what are the other elements?
  • Could you give us a concrete example of practicing empathy? If we are having a conversation dialogue with another person, how can we reflect back to another person that they have been heard? And what they’re telling us is being understood by us? So what is that conversation look like in terms of templates or anything that you might want to share with us?
  • What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?
  • Where do you think people struggle the most in out of these five elements of soulful listening?
  • You participated in two events at the white house under the Obama administration. Could you share more on that project and what was it like to be in the white house?
  • Can you tell us some of the resources about empathy, how we can learn more about empathy and cultivate more of it in our daily lives?
  • Meditation is one of the practices to self-regulate our emotions. So, Terry, do you recommend any other practice to work on our emotions?
  • How do you adjust your life when you move from one place to another place?
  • When you take a particular place to live – do you have certain rules and parameters to feel a sense of belonging? What does it look like to pick a place?
  • What do you mean by behold the wonderment in the moment?
  • How do you personally deal with loneliness if ever you get lonely?
  • Why do you recommend the book The prophet by Kahlil Gibran?
  • What does it mean to have an heart opening essence?
  • and much more

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