About Nishant Garg

I always loved to write but due to the lack of self-confidence, I never let anyone knew about it. I had no self-confidence and no self-esteem until I was 27 years old. 

Although I was good in my Job, I always felt empty from inside and never realized my purpose in life. I never had the courage to speak up for myself and always lived the life to please others.

I was always teased in School and could never be stood up for myself. But the desire to do something big kept me going, although I was not aware of it.

It was 4 years ago in late 2014 when my life took the turn. My brother was in the hospital fighting against the blood cancer and then one day my ex-girlfriend messaged me to say “We are breaking up”. I was devastated and my emotions were shattered. I did not know what to do. 

The year 2015 started with total unhappiness and unfulfillment. My brother had left us and my ex-girlfriend got married to another guy. I had no desire to live. I was going through every day like a dead body.

I wanted to be happy but I could not find happiness anywhere.

I still remember that day when I looked in the mirror and totally HATED myself. I did not like what I saw, and that day happened to be THE DAY in my life when I decided to live life purposefully and on my terms and conditions.

I started going to the gym, eating healthy, reading books on Personal growth and development and started looking at life through different lenses.

“I have started seeing things that I never saw before. I have started to love my self. I have started to love others.

I have been seeing things that I never saw before.

Now, I believe in myself. I trust in the wisdom that created me. 

My purpose is to make a positive impact in the lives of people.