About Nishant Garg

Short bio for media friends:

Nishant Garg was working as a software professional who hit the rock bottom in 2017 – heartbroken, stressed out, overwhelmed with life, going through the motions, and burnt out.

He couldn’t figure out how to live a mindful life. Then, he stumbled upon the book “How to be a 3% man”, read other personal growth books, and launched his first blog in 2018.

He continued to learn new life skills and shared personal transformation on social media, and along the way attended transformational and personal development seminars. He wanted to share his learnings on a big platform with a larger audience, and as an experiment in 2020, he launched a podcast from the ground, and in just 2 years he interviewed 200+ world-class experts.

Now he’s here to help you embark on the journey of transformation. Join him in his mission is to bring awareness about mindful living and transformation as he interviews fascinating people to bring personal stories, deconstructing habits and routines to help curious and passionate Tech Professionals how to reduce overwhelm, be more mindful, manage focus, live a life of excellence, love and joy, and so much more.

Personal story:

I always loved to write but due to a lack of self-confidence, I never let anyone know about it. I had no self-confidence and no self-esteem until I was 27 years old. 

Although I was good at my job, I always felt empty from the inside and never realized my purpose in life. I never had the courage to speak up for myself and always lived life to please others.

I was always teased in school and could never be stood up for myself. But the desire to do something big kept me going, although I was not aware of it.

It was in late 2014 when my life took a turn. My brother was in the hospital fighting blood cancer and then one day my ex-girlfriend messaged me to say “We are breaking up”. I was devastated and my emotions were shattered. I did not know what to do. 

The year 2015 started with total unhappiness and unfulfillment. My brother had left us and my ex-girlfriend got married to another guy. I had no desire to live. I was going through every day like a dead body.

I wanted to be happy but I could not find happiness anywhere.

I still remember that day when I looked in the mirror and totally HATED myself. I did not like what I saw, and that day happened to be THE DAY in my life when I decided to live life purposefully and on my terms and conditions.

I started going to the gym, eating healthy, reading books on Personal growth and development, and started looking at life through different lenses.

The Nishant Garg Show:

This show and blog is about helping Entrepreneurs, Tech Founders, Startup Enthusiasts develop Emotional and Mental health and be more human in their work and personal lives. I interview entrepreneurs, authors, mental health professionals, leadership executive coaches, psychologists, and many more For any questions, please contact me. If you have enjoyed listening to my podcasts, please subscribe to the new podcast updates on Itunes please provide your reviews on Itunes which will really help me.

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