Trust Within and Listening to Life

Trust Within and Listening to Life The Nishant Garg Show

Hey Friends, I am sharing some of my favorite and interesting quotes on intuition, trust, and how to listen to life.

Life is guiding us in every moment when we get to do and who we get to become. It’s simple and not easy. There are many contemplative practices to learn to listen to life a.k.a. intuition. It’s a skillset to develop and worthwhile.

I have used these quotes as meditative and they guide me in different directions. Interestingly, I learn and get new guidance every time I read them as I evolve from one stage in life to another stage.

I hope you enjoy these quotes which help you in slowing down and guide you to listen to your life.

“Can you embrace the notion that your intuitive voices and life are not always going to be clear? Can you trust that you’re not always in control, driving the car of your life, but simply a passenger looking out the windows? And can you trust you will be okay regardless of what happens? In ambiguity, we often learn our deepest lessons.”Source: Molly Carroll: book Trust Within

“I was reminded that what we resist persists. My intuitive guide, Sabrina Heartsong, prompted me to perhaps consider that this relationship was showing up in my life in such a way as to teach me how to stay in the flow and learn something that life was so gracefully presenting. She told me my relationship with this man had manifested itself exactly the way I energetically attracted it. The universe was showing me the areas in my life that still needed healing.”Source: Waleuska Lazo – Master the Power of Acceptance and Stay in the Flow of Life

“Trust is such an important aspect of intuition. You may not always 100 percent believe every one of your decisions is going to work out, but can you trust that you are doing the right thing? Can you tap into the core of the heart, where trust is nestled, and let go, close your eyes, and fly?”Source: Molly Carroll: book Trust Within

“Intuition, as it’s usually called, is that knowledge communicated via a feeling that stems from having seen something before and recognizing the details at a level below awareness. At the ReThink Group, we also like to call this unconscious pattern recognition.”Denise Shull

“When we lose track of our true self, how can we pick up the trail? Our lives speak through our actions and reactions, our intuitions and instincts, our feelings and bodily states, perhaps more profoundly than through words. If we can learn to read our own responses, we’ll receive the guidance we need to live more authentic lives. The soul speaks only under quiet, inviting, and safe conditions. If we take some time to sit silently listening, the soul will tell us the truth about ourselves—the full, messy truth. An often ignored dimension of the quest for wholeness is the need to embrace what we dislike about ourselves as well as what we’re proud of, our liabilities as well as our strengths.” Source: Oprah Magazine: Are You Listening to Your Life?

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