Amanda Tempist Jade — Stocking the Furry Edges and Caverns of Possibility, Saying YES to Personal Transformation, Dragon at Heart, Grief-Remembrance, Equine Informed Experiential Inquiry, and More (#190)

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Amanda, known by some as Tempist, is a polyphyletic creature, an embodied convergence of ancestral lines that stretch from the Dawnlands of Turtle Island (Passamaquoddy – eastern US) to the mountains of Macedonia; from the ocean-hugging lands of Greece & Sicily to the seafaring lands of the Celts. Mother to a shapeshifter, *she/they dwells in the mountains of Southern Ute territories with her partner, child, horses, chickens, felines, and canine.

As a lover of crossroads, she tends to the intersections of ancestry, mythos, gender, trauma, chthonic & cosmic spiritualities, inter-species relating, and place-based re-membering as pathways for the reimagining of emergent and unknown futures. Futures that humanity might come to inhabit from places of radical transformation. With a particular focus in (eco)mystical experiences and their capacity to in-form deep mycelial change, Amanda believes such experiences connect us to wider narratives of possibility and break down petro-patterns that feed the soil of life’s entangled becoming.

She feels that in these times of eco- and paradigmatic- collapse, our somatic intelligence is ancestrally equipped to channel a feral kind of consciousness. An awareness that we are so much more than what we’ve been coerced, forced, or seduced into believing. Amanda allies herself to the dawning of hybridity – a way of moving with the world that invokes our trans-specied and mythopoetic brilliance. A hybridity that is capable of inhabiting and learning to inhabit landscapes of uncertainty.

Work with Amanda: https://www.feralmysticism.com/mentorship

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Show Notes:

  • The best place to start with is that where do you live?
  • Do you horse ride?
  • Why do you live in the mountains?
  • I read that you call yourself dragon at heart. Why do you call yourself dragon at heart?
  • How do you bring your dragon into your life?
  • When someone asks you that what do you do? How do you usually respond?
  • What it means to “live our purpose”?
  • What is dreamwork and how this can benefit into person transformation?
  • Shadow work and reductionism
  • Trauma and Wound Alchemy
  • Saying YES to personal transformation
  • When someone comes to you and what kind of problem statements they tell you that they need to work on? What are the right questions to ask?
  • What are the unanswerable questions that you have currently in your life?
  • I’m sure our listeners and a lot of people in this world – they have a longing to do something bigger, something unique, something that calls their heart, but they are not sure how to unconver that, how to uncover that passion or dragon at heart. So what would you recommend to me and to those people who are willing to explore something new and not sure where to go from there. How do we explore that? 
  • As an adult, how do you sit with pain and what do you do to really be with the pin?
  • What is grief-remembrance?
  • what are your body movement practices that you perform on a daily basis? 
  • Equine Informed Experiential Inquiry
  • Parting thoughts

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