Tony Fahkry — Dancing with Surrender, Navigating Uncertainty, Lean into our Discomfort and Challenges of Life

“lean into the discomfort, lean into the challenges of life


Tony Fahkry is a distinguished authority in self-empowerment, boasting an impressive track record of over fifteen years as a published author, accomplished speaker, and life coach. He specializes in understanding human behavior, effortlessly connecting self-improvement, personal growth, and leadership.

Tony is the creator of the highly regarded self-development program, “The Power to Navigate Life.” This comprehensive program imparts easily applicable principles that empower participants to attain mental, emotional, and physical well-being. His book, bearing the same title, serves as a testament to these principles’ efficacy and garnered local and international acclaim, with a foreword penned by Dr. Eldon Taylor, a distinguished New York Times Best-Selling author.

In his second book, “Reconstructing The Past To Create A
Remarkable Future,” Tony garnered global recognition, further
solidifying his standing in the field. Dr. Joe Vitale, an authority on The Law of Attraction, contributed the foreword. Tony’s third literary endeavor, “Awaken Your Authentic Self,” also piqued interest, boasting an introduction by esteemed American spirituality author Dennis Merritt Jones, who also served as Tony’s mentor, providing profound spiritual insights.

Tony’s status as a Platinum Author on EzineArticles.com, with an extensive portfolio of over four hundred and forty articles, is a testament to his eminence in self-empowerment, personal growth, leadership, and inspiration. His contributions extend to various lifestyle-related platforms, including Thought Catalog, Medium, Thrive Global, Blisspot, The Wellness Universe, Rizzarr, Starts at Sixty, OnMogul, Self-Growth, LinkedIn, and numerous others.

With a keen interest and solid grounding in mental resilience and mindfulness, Tony finds fulfillment in coaching individuals online and is readily available for consultations.

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In this episode: we discuss

  • Lean into our discomfort and challenges of life
  • Awakening experiences
  • Letting go vs effort
  • Dancing with surrender
  • Navigating, embracing, and getting comfortable with uncertainty
  • Defining your purpose
  • and much more

You can also supplement this interview with this article from Tony:

How To Embrace And Get Comfortable With Uncertainty In Life:

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, Infinite Possibilities open up in your life.” — Eckhart Tolle

“If you want to know your past — look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future — look into your present actions,” states the Chinese Proverb.

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