Sarah Sarkis on Mastery, Psychological Flexibility, Emotional Skills and Self-Regulation Practices, Relationship with Risk, Sense of Wellness, and More (#153)

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“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”


Sarah Sarkis’s introduction in her own words:

I received my MA from Boston College where I studied Counseling Psychology. I then began my doctoral training at George Washington University with an emphasis on Adult Psychotherapy from a psychoanalytic perspective. Upon completion of my doctoral studies, I completed my internship and post-doctoral fellowship training at two inpatient psychiatric hospitals in the Boston area. There, I worked with people who were suffering from the most severe and retractable forms of mental illness.

Those experiences taught me the deep and enduring value of comprehensive and collaborative care from a multi-disciplinary perspective. I carry those lessons with me to my current work in my private practice, where I emphasize and utilize my partnerships with physicians, naturopaths, and functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to provide the best standard of care. In addition to my psychology training, I’ve studied extensively the use of mindfulness, functional medicine, hormones, and how food, medicine, and mood are interconnected.

My influences include Dr.’s Hyman, Benson, Kabat-Zinn, Maté, Gervais, and Gordon, as well as Tara Brach, Brené Brown, Irvin Yalom, Howard Stern, Steven Kotler, and Bruce Springsteen, to name only a few.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • About the book Mastery
  • What kind of values do you talk about with your son? Or what kind of conversations do you have with your son to inculcate all these practices?
  • Learning from modeling others
  • Turning pain into energy, turn fear into energy because cause life will cripple you if you don’t.
  • Could you share any memorable story from your teenage years or anything that comes to your mind?
  • Describing about her Junior high school headmaster
  • Did you ever talk about your disengagement and your attitude in your family?
  • How do you appreciate and encourage your son because you definitely didn’t grow up in that environment?
  • What is your personal relationship with risk now?
  • In 2016 and 2016, what moved you to take risks and changes?
  • Did you always want to be a clinical psychologist or what events were leading up to that?
  • What set of emotional skills do you teach or recommend to them to master certain areas of their lives?
  • Could you recommend us some concrete practices in the umbrella of self regulation and mindfulness?
  • Diaphragmatic breathing, Mindfulness, Sleep
  • How do I observe myself? What should I do?
  • How to sit in meditation and observe your Revelations with yourself
  • I would love to ask you about your personal practices in the umbrella of mindfulness and self-regulation
  • What kind of questions do you ask yourself at this moment in your life, at present in your life?
  • What does a sense of wellness look like to you personally?
  • Listening to pain
  • What are the healthy ways to cope with pain and unpleasant emotions and how do you deal with it? How do you process these emotional patterns in your life?
  • On getting good sleep and its benefits and  relationship with sleep
  • Somebody is not sure how to tackle all this problems. Should they go to a therapist, to a performance coach, to a flow coach? Where should people go?
  • Could you share what is flow? How do they get into flow?
  • Do you live your life by any quote or any life philosophy?
  • What is the specific impact to you on to leave on this world?
  • and much more

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