Self-Reflection Questions in Dating and Relationships

Dating and Relationships

Below are some questions that came up in my coaching session with Amanda Jade. I absolutely adore her. Amanda has been on my podcast, I reached out to her to coach me when I was going through some anxiousness in my dating and relationships with women.

These are powerful questions to contemplate and wanted to share them with you. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. My answers will evolve over time as I change and grow.

For simplicity, I’m using the pronoun “her”, and you feel free to use whatever pronoun is aligned with you.

1) What are my expectations of her?

2) What part of me says YES or NO to her?

[This question arises when I am absolutely attracted to her and when I am not.]

3) What am I learning about myself?

4) What risks am I unwilling to take?

5) What questions am I holding onto that I want to ask her and am afraid of not asking?

6) What qualifies my best/better/worst self when I am with her?

7) What are the unresolved challenges?

Hope this helps you. If you want to work with Amanda, check her work at https://www.feralmysticism.com/mentorship, and she works on a sliding scale.

You can also listen to my interview on relationships with Margaret Paul: Dr. Margaret Paul — Inner Bonding Process, Wounded Self and Loving Adult, Conversations with Inner-Child, Creating a Lasting and Loving Relationship, Accessing Spiritual Guidance (#201)

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