Scott Shute on Full Body Yes, Practicing Compassion in Challenging Times, Changing Work from the Inside Out, Creativity, and More (#147)

Full Body yes

“Compassion is having an awareness of others, a mindset of wishing the best for others, and the courage to take action.”

-Scott Shute

Scott Shute sits at the intersection of ancient wisdom traditions and the business world. He currently leads Mindfulness and Compassion programs at LinkedIn. After twenty five years of customer-oriented leadership roles, he found his dream job, where he gets to utilize his entire skill set and embrace his passions. In this work he explores the possibility of human potential, helping employees become the very best version of themselves.

He has been studying and practicing mindfulness and related wisdom teachings since he was thirteen years old, and teaching since he was in college. Ultimately, his intention is to build these practices and consciousness into the very fabric of the company – how we develop products, how we sell, how we service – in a way that serves our employees as well as our customers.

His another passion is photography. He always loved photography, but over the last few years it’s become a deepening obsession. He’s created a commercial website so that he can share and hone his craft, while donating the proceeds to charity.

Scott’s NEW book “FULL BODY YES“: Buy on Amazon

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Can you elaborate more on your photography passion for our listeners?
  • How old were you when you started photography?
  • Did he have any role model in the realm of photography?
  • Practical techniques for people to get started or hone their photography skills?
  • What is your creative process to make things happen in your life?
  • Who introduced you to meditation at the age of 13?
  • What was the first kind of meditation you started with?
  • Leadership lessons that you learned from your dad?
  • How do you decide between what is easy and what is right?
  • When somebody asks you what do you do at LinkedIn as part of the head of mindfulness and compassion – how do you usually respond to that question?
  • How do we practice compassion when we get annoyed with someone?
  • Would you have some advice or recommendation for our listeners to make these practices stick and really integrate mindfulness and compassion into our daily busy schedule?
  • Scott’s personal compassion practice
  • and much more

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