Allison Jackson Interviews Nishant Garg — My Personal Story, Self Care Non-Negotiable, Letting Go, and More (#178)

The Nishant Garg Show

Usually, I interview experts on The Nishant Garg Show, but this time, tables were turned. In this episode, my friend Allison Jackson interviews me about how I go to Where I am, my superpower, my recent favorite books and etc etc. Allison Jackson is the founder of Allison Jackson Fitness. She is passionate about all things health and fitness, but she really loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to help corporate moms get lean eating foods they love so they can be at their best. Allison has spent the last seven years training and competing in figure competitions – even winning three pro cards in one year – so she has a crystal clear picture of what it takes to get to your ideal weight and stay there.

I interviewed Allison in 2020 and you can find that interview Allison Jackson – The 3-Legged Wellness Stool: Nutrition, Movement & Spirituality

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • I would love for you to tell my listeners a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are.
  • What do you consider your superpower?
  • What is a non-negotiable when it comes to your own self care
  • Letting go and Surrendering
  • After interviewing so many people, are there any commonalities that you see or best practices that you’ve taken away?
  • Meditation
  • What is a book or podcast you could recommend to our listeners?
  • What does a hack mean to you? 
  • and much more

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