Dr. Maria Sirois — Overcoming Victim Mentality, Happiness in the Darkest Times, Finding Meaning in the Suffering, Lessons Learned from the Hospice Facility, and More (#129)

The Nishant Garg Show

Live in life. Not around it. Not beside it.

– Maria Sirois

Maria Sirois is a master teacher, facilitator and author. She is devoted to the science of well-being and the art of crafting a life and a work that embodies health, passion and success. As a positive psychologist (Psy.D.) and consultant, she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly when under chronic stress, during significant transitions, and/or feeling the shock of wholesale change. Known for her wisdom, authenticity and rampant humor, she brings a wealth of perspective from decades of study in the mind/body medicine and resilience disciplines. 

Maria is the author of two books: A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (And Other Dark, Difficult Times) and Every Day Counts. Her home is in the Berkshire Mountains where she attempts on a daily basis to love her children well enough so that they too find a way to embrace the world with a grounded optimism and a sense of their own strengths. And on most days, she remembers to feed the cat.

Maria’s books:

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Show Notes:

  • Morning routine
  • Guided imagery meditation
  • Recommendations to people who struggle with Meditation
  • Victimhood experience of getting married early in life
  • Practices to overcome victim mentality
  • Awakening at the age of 29
  • Open to the good within yourself and in life without denying or negating the bad
  • Business impact due to pandemic
  • Self care practices during pandemic
  • Nine short reflections
  • Courageous moment from a childhood
  • Graceful transition from becoming a spiritual leader
  • Find happiness in the darkest times
  • Poem by a woman named Rosemary
  • The art of losing
  • Death of brother at the age of 50
  • Find meaning in the suffering, loss and grief
  • Working with hospice organizations
  • Lessons from hospice facility
  • Conversations with family on resilience
  • Social Intelligence
  • Cultivating great moments
  • Accepting paradox enables us to grow
  • Characteristics of a non resilient human being
  • Correlation between resilience and mindfulness
  • Grounded optimism
  • and much more!

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