Wayne Dyer — Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Thick Nhat Hanh

I found this audio Control Your Thought And Mind from Wayne Dyer in 2017 when I was struggling in life in many ways. Fast forward, I’ve listened to this audio a hundred times/ This teaching from him came to me at the right time when the needed it the most. I was able to forgive my father and realized how he’s been a teacher in my life. I was able to forgive everyone in the past who wasn’t good to me.

Since I had listened to this audio many times, I had written an excerpt to read and remind myself in the tough times about my intention, why I am here on this planet, and what matters to me at present.

I had written this draft post about 2 years ago, and while I was going through the drafts list, I thought it’s the perfect time to put it out in the universe and may be this post helps someone in need of some soothing. Wayne Dyer has been an instrument in my life for opening my mind and heart to the new possibilities and I dedicate this post to him.

Now, we begin with Wayne Dyer:

There is a spiritual solution to every problem.

“Don’t die with your music still in you”. These words are coming out of my mouth right now, come out of the silence. Some of us hear a different drummer and we must march to the music we hear. But, all of you have some music playing and all of you have a heroic mission.

There are no accidents in this universe. We all show up here with a purpose. There is an intelligence that is part of everything and everyone and all of us are connected to it. And, many of us are afraid to listen to that music and march to it. I know you have a book you want to write, I know there is a song you want to sing at someplace. Who knows what it maybe, maybe you just want to travel and see the world. Maybe you want to get into a relationship with someone, but you’ve been afraid to, but your heart says it’s the right thing to do.

I know what my music is and it’s playing right now. Who you are, whatever that music is, however distant it may sound, however strange, however weird others may interpret it to be — don’t get to the end of your life and know that you are going to leave and not have it played yet.

Don’t die with your music still in you.

There is no information deficit anywhere, it’s everywhere, in fact in all the languages and in all the countries. The beauty and nobility of being INSPIRED are that you can INSPIRE so many lives when you are INSPIRED. Inspire means “in spirit”, that again means you are connected to your origin, source, intention, universe.

The solution to every problem lies within you and there is also a spiritual solution to every problem. Have you ever cursed and blamed others for all the struggles and problems showing up in your life? Have you ever created resistance in your head with someone whom you thought could be the culprit for your problems?

I want you to imagine a story. “You’re getting ready to go out and suddenly the light bulb goes off and you lose the house key in the room. You try to find the key in the room but you don’t find it. Then, you see a light bulb lighting outside the house and you go out to look for the key. Someone comes to you and asks you — where did you drop the key? You tell him that you dropped it in the house. He says, “are you crazy? You dropped the key inside and looking outside.”

Isn’t it an interesting story?

It’s very deep, think about it. When you have a problem inside of yourself and looking for a solution outside isn’t going to solve the purpose. It will always create inner stress and spoil relationships with others.

When you have a problem, do self-realization, self-actualization and look within yourself and nothing can you stop you from getting the “answer”. Everything starts with you and change is automatic. When you start changing yourself, everything else starts to change.

Follow your inclination. Follow your passion. Say NO others who STOP you.
Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.Change your Self, Everything will Change.

Listen to your heart without being biased and without being partial. You trust in the Source that created you, You trust in the Wisdom that created you, You trust in the Spirit that created you, You trust in all the Spiritual energies that created you, Listen to your Heart, the TRUTH is within you.

It’s your life. Do what’s best for you. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your purpose and passion. Turn your dreams into reality. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it. Forget about the society, relatives, and whoever happens to be — they will always have something to say. The only a handful of them will support you. That’s the truth and truth is always painful. Live your life the way you want it!

Don’t die with your music still in you.

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