Dr. Romie Mushtaq — Optimizing Brain Health, Cure for Busy Brain, Restore Sanity, Sleep, & Sense of Connection, Wellness Paradigms, Connection with Divine, Root causes of Depression, and More (#167)

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Dr. Romila “Romie” Mushtaq, M.D., ABIHM, is a neurologist, mindfulness teacher, sought out keynote speaker, and never-to-recover chocolate addict. She is the first Chief Wellness Officer for a corporation of 5,000+ employees in the United States (Evolution Hospitality), integrative medicine specialist, and mindfulness expert who has impacted over 1.1 million lives across the world through her keynotes and corporate workshops on mindfulness and brain health.

Dr. Romie entered neurology at a time when less than 5% of neurologists were women. After reaching the pinnacle of “success” while working 80-100hr weeks and achieving her career milestones, she developed a rare, nearly-lethal health disorder. This experience sparked a shift towards mindfulness, meditation, and integrative medicine and led to her current path of shifting the minds of Fortune 500 leaders, organizations, and corporations through science-based meditation talks and workshops.

With nearly 20 years of expertise and her signature style, energy, and sass, Dr. Romie delivers dynamic corporate wellness keynotes and workshops, corporate leadership lectures, and business wellness consulting. She is an in-demand speaker with a popular TedX talk on “The Powerful Secret of Your Breath” and she is featured in NBC, Fox Business, Inc, CBS, Huffington Post, NPR, and dozens of other national media outlets. Dr. Romie has worked with Grammy-award winning musicians, top NBA/NFL/PGA athletes, and Fortune 500 company executives.

Check out her Ted Talk: The Powerful Secret of your Breath

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Resources from Dr. Romie:

  • Busy Brain test:  If you have a busy brain?  Take this 4-minute FREE test to see if brain DRAIN is robbing you of your sanity and sleep
  • Brain Shift course:   For the first time ever, brainSHIFT Protocol is being offered to the public! This unique, 6-week program teaches you the microhabits you need to improve your sleep, energy levels, and professional success. 

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Show Notes:

  • What is your favorite chocolate?
  • When somebody asks you, what do you do for living for work, how do you usually respond?
  • What is a difference between brain health and mental health?
  • I want to talk about mood elevators, because I struggle with my mood elevations at times. Could you recommend us some tips or practices to maintain our mood elevations or at least come to a stable point where we don’t feel very depressed or we don’t feel very high on and off?
  • Could you elaborate more on the root causes of depression and anxiety?
  • If somebody’s listening to this podcast who wants to consult an integrative medicine doctor = what would be the best way to consult a doctor who is not just trained in traditional medicine and may have holistic body approach?
  • I want to take a pause and go back in 1960s, your dad moved to the states in 1960s. You were born into an Asian family in the small Midwestern town of Illinois. So what was your experience like in school or in college as an immigrant?
  • Do you remember any memorable instance or conversation from your teenage years with anybody with your family members or with any friend of yours?
  • Why did you want to become a doctor?
  • After reaching the pinnacle of success while working 80-100 hours per week, and achieving your career milestones, you developed a rare, nearly-lethal health disorder. . Could you speak to that?
  • What is your sleep routine?
  • Could you suggest some supplements to improve sleep?
  • At what point really, you got into into mindfulness and meditation?
  • What were some of the books you picked up early on?
  • When you connect with your divine, do you have any practice for that connection?
  • I want to ask you about your relationship with a stress now, how do you handle or manage stress?
  • Could you elaborate more on brain shift protocol and how we can manage our own stress and get to the root cause?
  • You have worked with Grammy award-winning musicians, top NBA, NFL athletes, and company executives. So when you work with these high-performers, what do you tell them? Or ask them? How do you work with them?,
  • Whenever you see someone successful, who comes through your mind?
  • And, much more

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