Physical Perfection — Confidence Makes You Attractive

If you fill different colors of balloons and let them go in the sky, which one do you think will go high?
The black or the colored one?

They all will go high.

If you fill different colors of balloons and let them go in the sky, which one do you think will go high?

The black or the colored one?

They all will go high.

It doesn’t really matter what the color of your skin is. It doesn’t matter if you are black, brown or white.

What matters is how you think and how you live your life.

How do you feel about the body you occupy?

Your attitude towards your body impacts the atoms and molecules that comprise the body. Happy thoughts make happy molecules. –Deepak Chopra.

In world history, there have been many people who were not white, but they rose to the top.

Barack Obama became the president of the United States, and that means anyone with any skin color can go high.

So many people in the world are having an inferiority complex about their skin color and they literally feel that they are not successful just because of their color.


In some societies where arranged marriages are still applicable, it is sad to see that people give a lot of importance to the color. If you are white, then you will have better prospects.

My question is why?

Why do we judge people based on their color? Why don’t we see what they have inside them?

If you are judging people on their color, you are separating yourself from the divine universal power and you are letting your ego take charge. EGO means Edged God Out.

Especially in arrange marriages, everyone wants to get married to a fair-skinned person. Never forget that beauty will fade away with time, but what you have inside your heart and mind, will never fade away.

It’s great to look good. You can always look good If you can carry yourself with confidence.

There are so many beauty products in the market claiming to make you fair-skinned. This is total discrimination. These beauty product ads are just telling you to judge people.

You need to work out on your physical health.

You can always have a great physical health by exercising and eating healthy. People confuse physical health with looks and skin color.

There is no concept of perfection in the universe, and it does also apply to your physical body.

If you are striving for physical perfection, you are striving for the failure in life.

Become a person of value rather than physically perfect. Your physical outlook is going to change with time and it is natural. If you are trying to go against nature, you are welcoming the natural disaster in your life. Think about it!

No one can stop the process that is the ever-changing body. – Wayne Dyer

Have a good attitude towards your body. Honor it and have good welcoming thoughts.

The purity of thoughts will make your body healthy. Never complain about your body. If you feel that you are out of shape, accept it, eat good and exercise.

If you don’t feel good about your body, others will also perceive you that way.

Try to think in this way. Your physical body is temporary is this world. Your soul is permanent. Your body is just like a garage to your soul. You definitely need to take care of your body. But you don’t have to be so concerned with your physical perfection. You are god’s gift and your body is unique. Your soul has shown up in this physical body.

If you do have self-doubts and inferiority complex about your physical body, just PAUSE for a minute and think about all the dark-skinned and not-so-good-looking personalities of the world who moved the needle of this world.

If they can do it and rise to the high, you can also do it.

Everyone wants to have a good-looking partner. Fair enough. There is nothing wrong with this, but don’t forget to see inside them. Only good looks will not take to the far in life.

It is also connected to your self-image. Even if you are perceived in the world as a good-looking person, what if your self-image is that you don’t feel good about your self?

There are so many celebrities who have committed suicide or wrecked their life. Why? Because they didn’t have a good self-image.

Whenever I see a person with good looks, a question pops up in my mind “How do they perceive themselves? Do they have good self-image”?

Confidence is the key here. If you walk and talk like a confident person, this is more beautiful than anything else.

While growing up, I had a lot of doubts and inferiority complex about my physical body.

Part of the reason is that some guys used to tease me when I was in school just because I am brown.

At that time, I started feeling bad about myself and as a result, I was low in confidence.

I still remember the time when I was 9 years old when a close relative commented on my skin color. To be honest, I couldn’t face that person after that for years. Now, when I see them, my confidence is high with the head on my shoulders.

Also, a guy in my mid-school told me that I have a thick lower lip. What?

I started feeling bad about that and became very conscious about that because I didn’t have a good self-image at that time.

People’s opinion is just their opinion and you don’t have to listen to that.

But now, people tell me that I have got very attractive lips and a great smile. Whenever anybody told me years ago that I have a good smile, I never believed them.

But, now I do. I respect the way I am.

I am fortunate that I have overcome all those fears and inferiority complexes about myself. I have gained the confidence.

Confidence makes you a very attractive person.

I have accepted the fact that I have shown up in this body and I am brown in skin color.  I am proud to be like this.

I feel sorry for all those who judge people based on their physical body and I request them to change it.

When you change the way, you look at the things, the things you look at change. -Wayne Dyer.

I am thankful to all those people who commented on me. You all made me stronger and stronger.

Pain helps to grow and change. Love yourself. Love your body. Your body is a Gift to you.

You show up in this temporary body but your soul is permanent

It is not the color that matters, it is the stuff inside that matters the most.

It is not the color that determines how high you go, it is the stuff inside that sends you high.

Get the self-doubt out of your mind and all the inferiority complex residing in your mind.

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