Wendy Quan on The Calm Monkey, Beating Cancer, Taking a Leap of Faith, and Much More (#137)

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We’re afraid of dying young. We’re afraid of growing old. Why not make the most of where we are, right now?

Wendy Quan is the pioneer and industry leader in workplace mindfulness facilitator training & certification through her business, The Calm Monkey.  Her program is very practical, showing experienced meditators the best practices of how to implement mindfulness at work and become a skilled mindfulness facilitator. 

She is also a pioneer in combining change management with mindfulness to help people through difficult change.  She has taught at high profile events such as the Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley’s conference and other mindfulness industry conferences. 

With her corporate management background in human resources, information technology, organizational development and change management, together with her personal mindfulness meditation experience through cancer, she is a respected expert for workplace mindfulness. Her clients have included Google, the government of Dubai, Genentech, Citrix, the U.S. National Parks Service and more than 375 facilitators worldwide. 

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Show Notes:

  • What is The Calm monkey?
  • How to live a life of less stress and more calm?
  • On discovering mindfulness and meditation
  • On her cancer recovery
  • Internal shift in the state of being
  • Integrative medicine
  • find credible sources of integrative and natural medicine
  • Difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • Spiritual type meditations
  • Facilitating and implementing mindfulness meditation teacher training programs in the workplace
  • Transitioning from a Corporate job to a full time business owner
  • Healing modalities?
  • Holistic way of looking at things
  • What is your relationship with self judgment as part of your mindfulness meditation practice?
  • and much more

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