Kristi Roe — Lessons learned from 9/11, Creating Shared Meaning, Building Organizational Resilience, Handling Difficult Conversations, and Cultivating a Greater Sense of Purpose (#130)

The goal in life is to not relieve suffering, but rather to raise the bar for the human condition.

Kristi Roe: A visionary, seasoned Healthcare Experience Strategy Leader with demonstrated success in developing and working on quality, service improvement, and organizational resilience programs covering the hierarchy from top to bottom in an ever-changing clinical and HR environment. Proven background in formulating patient and teammate experience objectives, identifying areas of improvement by assessing and tracking performance, deploying patient and employee satisfaction statistics, and implementing optimized solutions that drive demonstrable outcomes.

Skilled in collaborating and influencing cross-functional teams, interacting with executives and serving people from all layers of society professionally, and fostering teams that support the transformation in an organization’s experience strategy. Consummate communicator; possess robust consultation, leadership, and time-management skills with proven expertise in enhancing the human experience (Patient, Provider, Teammate, and Volunteer experience) by defining vision and strategy and ensuring the implementation in line with the set objectives. 

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Show Notes:

  • Experience in health care industry
  • Desire to work in the healthcare industry
  • First day of job experience on 9/11
  • Lessons from 9/11
  • Dark Moments from from 9/11
  • Handling difficult conversation with a colleague or a friend
  • Cultivate purpose and calling
  • Building resiliency in organizations
  • Cultivating influential leadership
  • Managing stress
  • Cultivating the practice of self-awareness
  • The process of journaling
  • Suffering in childhood
  • Sharing a story about the father’s emotional absence
  • Low grade depression
  • Asking others for help 
  • and much more!

People Mentioned: Martin Seligman

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