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“A lot of people’s traumas, whether it’s sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or whatever happens to be, or even at scale, smaller versions of all those same things.”

– Michael

Michael Ostrolenk has been exploring the relationship between post-conventional living, transformational leadership, optimizing health and regenerative paradigms his whole life. His interest in human growth and personal development began when he was 9 years old and worked with psychotherapist Pat Lawson learning biofeedback, meditation and guided imagery.

In the late 1990’s he received his master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, from John F. Kennedy University and he completed post-graduate training in somatic psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies. As part of his post-graduate studies in body-oriented psychology, he was also trained and certified as a massage therapist from the McKinnon Institute. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, he served patients dealing with mental illness, neurological impairments (Center for Adaptive Learning), chronic & life-threatening diseases and relationship problems. This included working with the Cancer Support Community in San Francisco which was founded by Treya Wilber.

Ostrolenk, is also a transpartisan Social entrepreneur, who is a leading expert in the field of transpartisan public policy. He has successfully convened policy initiatives in the areas of transparency, privacy, defense, foreign policy and national security from 2001-2020 including; Co-founded and served as National Director of the Liberty Coalition, a transpartisan coalition of groups working to protect civil liberties, privacy and transparency 2005-2020 Created and led the transpartisan Medical Privacy Coalition. 2001-2007, Served as Senior Political Analyst for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons 2001-2011 and Citizens for Health 2001-2016

Mr. Ostrolenk is a Master Coach and Head Instructor with SEALFIT Unbeatable Mind Academy. He worked closely with CDR Mark Divine (Ret- U.S Navy SEAL) in creating the Unbeatable Mind Online Accelerated Learning program in 2010. He also co-created and ran Unbeatable Mind’s Master Mind group called the Inner Circle (2015-2019.) He also worked with Sean Hargans Ph.D. in 2018 in co-creating the Unbeatable Mind Coach in Training Program which included program development, teaching and supervisory roles. He presently serves as faculty for the program. He also helped to organize and coordinate SEALFIT’s annual training and learning summits 2015-2019.

Michael is also a Master Coach for Spartan 7 Round Table Phalanx Executive Experiential and Leadership Course under former U.S. Navy SEAL’s Dan Cerrillo and Chriss Smith.
Ostrolenk is the Director of Human Resilience at Apeiron Zoh where he works with medical and psychological staff in creating online and in-person programs seeking to transcend the limits of human performance and health.

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Show Notes:

  • Michael introduced to a therapist to help him deal with some health and education issues.
  • On transcending limits
  • Thoughts on guided imagery
  • Talk therapy
  • Experience with his therapist 
  • Events leading up to becoming health psychologist and studying mind, body practices, integrating so many things
  • On paleo diet
  • Michael’s current diet
  • Sleep routine
  • How he prepares for this podcast
  • Do you practice  stoicism?
  • Somatic work vs cognitive thinking approach
  • What could be the healing modalities?  What could be the healing modalities to work on our body behaviors and body experiences and heal those things that we cannot just heal through cognitive
  • What is it like to be inside of your body?
  • What could be the movement exercises that you recommend?
  • On the traditional yoga of awareness practice
  • On CrossFit and SEALFIT
  • The unbeatable mind Academy
  • You are an advisor in many, many companies. So when you wake up in the morning, how do you manage your schedule? What are your main responsibilities on a day-to-day
  • On his morning routines, breathing coach
  • Michael’s supplements
  • neuro hacker collective
  • and much more

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