Dr. Mickra Hamilton — Lifestyle Strategies, Optimizing Performance, Epigenetics for Precision Performance, and More

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is Co-Founder and CEO of Apeiron Center for Human Potential, a Precision Performance Ecosystem that Curates Limitless Life. She spent 30 years in the USAFR(Air Force Reserve Command) where she served as a Human Performance Subject Matter Expert. She is a “Human Systems Designer,” and creative disruptor in the field of Precision Human Performance creating a new paradigm of what is possible for human flourishing.

Dr. Hamilton skillfully works with a precision, systems-based approach to optimize performance and potential by leveraging genomics and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with scientific research, advanced biologics and leading edge technologies. These highly successful strategies address the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the “human system” to enhance life, improving our relationship with the internal and external environment and how this impacts the collective environment. Dr. Hamilton’s speaks internationally on the focus areas of the epigenetics of the human environment, performance breathing, conscious leadership, peak psychophysiological performance and stress optimization.

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