Patricia Karpas on Self-Reliance, How to Celebrate Mistakes, R.A.I.N. Practice to Handle Challenges, Meditation for Beginners, and More (#142)

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“I don’t even use words like mistakes or failures so much in my vocabulary anymore, but a lot of the things that I’ve done, have taught me things that I really needed to learn.”

– Patricia

Patricia Karpas is Meditation Studio’s Co-Founder and Head of Content. She is also the host of Untangle, Meditation Studio’s original podcast  with over 4 mm listens to date that shares stories from experts and thought leaders about how mindfulness practices change us. 

A New York-native and former media executive at CNBC, NBC and AOL, Patricia is passionate about health and wellness and deeply committed to having a positive impact on the world.She co-founder meditation studio app with the simple goal of making meditation accessible to everyone. This little app has gone on to do big things. Named one of Apple’s Top 10 Apps of the Year, Meditation Studio has helped millions of people start a meditation practice. In 2018,  Meditation Studio was sold to to the makers of Muse, the Brain Sensing Headband.

Accomplished Senior Executive with experience in General Management, Business Development and Marketing across Multiple Platforms. Expertise in Programming, Content Development/Acquisition, Revenue Generation and Strategic Partnerships. Worked in Digital Media with companies including AOL, NBC, CNBC, NBC Interactive, Time Warner, Gaiam, Martha Stewart Living, Discovery Communications, People Digital, National Geographic and Scripps Ventures. Vertical expertise in Health and Wellness.

Current Focus: Health, Wellness, Mindfulness/Meditation, Nutrition, Social Impact.

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Show Notes:

  • Learned how to cope with trauma and uncertainty and complicated relationships from a very early age
  • How did you learn to be self-reliant 
  • Relationship with her parents
  • Do you have any role models while growing up?
  • How the Meditation Studio app took its birth?
  • Starting meditation in 30s
  • Current meditation practice
  • Connection between meditation and sleep
  • Advice to meditation beginners
  • How to celebrate mistakes
  • R.A.I.N practice
  • and much more

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