Brandon Bennett — Guided Mindful Oasis Meditation

This blog post is about Guided Mindful Meditation sent to me by Brandon. I met him a few years ago at a Toastmasters club and since then we kept in touch. He was kind enough to offer me two coaching sessions which were very helpful. If you’re looking to have peace, and balance in life, and want to be more mindful of how you live life — I do recommend working with him as he will help you open new portals of awareness and understanding of self.

Download Meditation: Guided Mindful Oasis of Inner Peace Meditation

Brief intro about Brandon:

Brandon Bennett is a former NFL Executive turned Certified Mindful Leadership Coach. His mission is to empower leaders to live more balanced, peacefully productive, and emotionally authentic lives. He helps highly-driven executives, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders create deeper levels of peace, mental clarity, and inner freedom in their lives.

A Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Highly Sensitive INFJ personality type, Brandon fuses both eastern and western modalities to assist leaders in slowing down, in order to sustainably reduce stress, create peacefully balanced lives, and tap into their highest human potential.

To learn more – Connect with Brandon: Website | Coaching Offerings

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The Nishant Garg Show:

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Mei-lan Maurits, Abraham Hicks —Raise Your Vibration, Raise Your Frequency, Awaken Your Intuition, Angelic Frequency

raise your vibration
high vibration

We are all vibrational beings. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions all contribute to our vibration. When we vibrate at a higher level, we attract people and things that match our vibration, as you know, the law of attraction.

There are many ways to raise your vibration such as meditation, music, activities that give you joy, people that bring out the best in you, etc, etc. In this post, I mention some resources I’ve been practicing on a daily to raise my vibrational frequency.

Tuning Up Your Abundance Vibration for Abundance and Love: Is your vibration bringing peace or turmoil into your life? Here is Abraham Hick’s advice on tuning up your vibration that will turn your life around. What you believe you receive and tuning up your vibration starts right here. Relax and find your vibration with Esther’s word from Abraham’s understanding and knowing! Wishing you the best on your journey inward and out.

The Key to Create Anything You Want – Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks – The key to have highest vibration! Always!

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Henna Inam on Adaptability, Midlife Crises, Growth, Self-Reflection Questions, and Self-Compassion

This post is an excerpt from my interview with Henna Inam. This excerpt sheds light on overcoming mid-life crises, self-reflections daily questions practice, self-limiting loops, practicing self-compassion during tough times and bringing soul to work.

You can check out my full interview with Henna here Henna Inam — Wired for Disruption, Lessons from Ashram, 5 Shifts in Agility, 10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself, and More (#120)

Let’s begin..

Mid-life crisis:

One of the things that I realized while growing up and this goes back to my midlife crisis is that I was so adaptive. The reason I wrote my book wired for authenticity is that I really had struggled, even in my corporate career. I worked in corporate America for Proctor and Gamble, then for Novartis. I was an Asian woman, mostly in meetings with white men. As I grew up through the organization, I was in various C-level roles. I was always adapting and it was sort of the same thing as in my childhood growing up I was always adapting and until I had my midlife crisis and I thought about this has been a really great adventure – but who am I? what do I want? What’s really important?

I think that the advice I would have is for people to dig deep inside, to find their deepest inspirations, to find their most brilliant strengths, and to find a need, that calls to them, there are so many needs right now, whether it’s a need To help people become the best versions of themselves, the people that you lead, or whether it’s a need to find innovative solutions because you are a brilliant thinker and scientist or, whether it’s a need to, create something new, in terms of experiences for people. Our job is to find that fire that’s inside of us that ignites us so that we can step into the most powerful and inspired.

Daily questions practice

This is something that has been written about and talked about by Marshall Goldsmith, who is a leading CEO coach. So I have an Excel spreadsheet and it has my list of 10 questions and I have an accountability partner. We call each other at 7:00 AM every day and she’s got her list and we basically say, how do I rate myself? I rate myself from 0 to 10 – did I do it or did I not do it? 10 is – yes I did it.

  1. Did I exercise today – either walk 10,000 steps or work out for at least a half-hour?
  2. Self-care is sort of the key component to maintaining our own energy and is such an important part of any impact that we’re going to have externally. The question is – did I drink 64 ounces of water?
  3. Did I make healthy food choices? And for me, it’s protein and veggies and anti-inflammatory foods.
  4. Did I eat mindfully with appreciative attention?
  5. Did I meditate and connect with my wisest self for 15 minutes today?
  6. Did I journal the three things that I’m grateful for?
  7. Did I write my top three priorities and progress them for the day?
  8. Did I do my best to practice courage today in situations that called for it?
  9. Did I appreciate the good in others?
  10. Did I take my daily vitamin supplements and Apple cider vinegar?

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Creative Labour and Defining Success

How do you define success for yourself? I’ve been very curious to know how people define success for themselves. I started the podcast in 2020 with the clear intention of building skills and relationships with people, and I’d say that I am super successful as I’ve been achieving what I wanted based on my intention.

In my quest to learn more about how people define success — I’ve asked several of my podcast guests about it and read other articles and quotes on the web. This post is a short compilation of podcast interviews and selected quotes that I’ve struck me deeply.

If this post resonates with you, please help me in spreading the word about it. That’d mean the world to me. Thanks!

Podcast interviews:

Quotes and Passages:

“Excerpt from Maria Popova, founder of Brain Pickings: “…I frequently get emails from young people starting out and asking, ‘How do I make a successful website or start my own thing?’ And, very often, it’s tied to some measure of success that’s audience-based or reach-based.’ How do you build up to seven million readers a month or two million Facebook fans?’ But the work is not about how to get that size of an audience or those numbers. That’s just the byproduct of what Lewis Hyde calls ‘creative labor,’ which is really our inner drive. The real work is how not to hang your self-worth, your sense of success and merits, the fullness of your heart, and the stability of your soul on those numbers—on that constant positive reinforcement and external validation. That’s the only real work, and the irony is that the more “successful” you get, by either your own standards or external standards, the harder it is to decouple all of those inner values from your work. I think we often confuse the doing for the being.”

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Belonging and Courage to stand alone — Resources from Brené Brown

The theme of Belonging has shown up for me over and over in 2022. I’ve asked myself questions such as who am I? What am I? Where do I belong? Who are my true genuine friends? in exploring the landspaces of inner being and authenticity.

Who better to know more about belonging than Brené Brown. In this post, I mention some powerful quotes from her and 2 youtube videos that have made a huge impact on me and how I show up at work and personally. As always, I am sharing what I am called to do.

Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston, where she holds the Huffington Foundation Endowed Chair at the Graduate College of Social Work. Brené is also a visiting professor in management at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business.

“The thing is that we are wired to be a part of something bigger than us so deeply, that sometimes we will take fitting as a substitute, but actually fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging because fitting in says, ‘Be like them to be accepted.’ Belonging says, ‘This is who I am. I hope we can make a connection,”

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

“As it turns out, men and women who have the deepest sense of true belonging are people who also have the courage to stand alone when called to do that. They are willing to maintain their integrity and risk disconnection in order to stand up for what they believe in.”

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The Art of Ending Things and The Lost Art of Closing Rituals

Endings are always hard. Trust me, I’ve had to end many things internally and externally in 2022. I found this fantastic article The Art of Ending: 3 Steps for Pruning Your Life and I’ve read it dozens of times. Below is an excerpt from this article which I personally read over and over.

“Our lives are very similar to this rose bush. They are often filled with so many good things; so many opportunities, commitments, endeavors, and relationships that we are overwhelmed. Our resources are stretched, and nothing, or no one,  is getting our full attention. In most areas, we are surviving, not thriving. What would happen if we were to prune back some of the good for sake of the best?

“So, too, does this happen in our lives. We limp along with broken relationships, hang onto toxic habits, and linger in commitments that deplete us physically or emotionally. It feels as though all of our energy is being diverted to sustain parts of our life that are not meeting our hopes and expectations. Essentially, the season of possibility for these buds has passed. What would happen if we were to get out our shears, and extract the parts of our life that are no longer giving us the results they once did, or are never going to amount to anything no matter how much we try?

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Loving, Growing, and Healing together in Relationships

Dear friends, I’ve been contemplating the below musings from different authors including mine to heal and grow in dating, romantic relationships, and all kinds of relationships. This blog post is brought to you by my new co-creation of a spiritual retreat from Oct 7th-Oct 9th 2022. You can check the details at Immersive Retreat – From Admiration to Inspiration. Let’s begin…

“There is no shortage of people who ended a new relationship with great potential because they were unconsciously attached to perfection. Running away when slight friction occurs is a sign of being emotionally unprepared. Great relationships are built, they don’t come ready-made.” –Yung Pueblo

“Dating/Relationships is a skill. It’s like any other skill in life which takes time, effort, and patience. Sometimes we see a successful person doing horribly in their personal relationships, and vice versa. When we see someone with an amazing relationship, it means they’ve developed this skill over time, and continually cultivate it.”

“I was reminded that what we resist persists. My intuitive guide, Sabrina Heartsong, prompted me to perhaps consider that this relationship was showing up in my life in such a way as to teach me how to stay in the flow and learn something that life was so gracefully presenting. She told me my relationship with this man had manifested itself exactly the way I energetically attracted it. The universe was showing me the areas in my life that still needed healing.” – Waleuska Lazo

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A Letter to Fear

Dear Fear “I hear you, I understand you and I know that you’re trying to protect me. I don’t need your protection now. My heart is open. My old wounds are healing. I just want you to be a good friend and not run my life. I hope you understand my sentiments. It’s been so long and we needed to have this conversation with you.

Today, I’m practicing saying thank you to my fears for serving me, meeting my needs, and keeping me safe. Now, I lovingly ask you to leave me and I let go of all my fears because I don’t need you anymore. Thank you for serving me this long effectively.”

“We are all faced with a choice when we wake up in the morning will we choose to live our lives in fear or faith? Then we step out into the world where good and evil battle every day. It is the charge of each one of us to bring light and love into the world and we do this through every thought and interaction we have on a daily basis.” Scarlett Lewis

“Buddha was asked what have you gained from meditation? He replied – nothing! However, let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of death”.

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