What You Want Wants You and Accessing the Internal Feelings

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Hey Friends, I hope you’re well. I wrote these musings while getting high on coffee in the morning and thinking life. These cover anger, letting go, being okay with whatever arises, and communicating your needs.

Let’s begin:

“Anger is a powerful emotion. It’s human to feel anger and rage and our responsibility is to express it in a healthy way. If you heard that “good people” or “spiritually good people” don’t get angry, that’s called ‘bypassing’. If we ‘disown’ that part of our psyche that gets angry, that ‘part’ will ‘act-out’ in different weird ways. It’s human to feel anger and rage.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this. If you are having a bad day or a bad week, everything will be alright soon. Light always follows darkness. If your week is not so productive, it’s completely ok because you will be back with much clarity and grit.

If you feel slow in achieving your desires, remember the story of tortoise and hare. You may be slow today, but you might run tomorrow, and then you may get slow again. This is life and life has its own rhythm.”

“When you don’t hold your fist too tight and try letting go, you will realize that things that really belong to you will show up at the right time. No amount of pushing will matter for things that don’t belong to us. How do we know what’s for us? Tough one. Just keep doing your best and putting one step at a time and practice a little bit of letting go and surrender.”

“We all are doing the best we can in any given circumstance. My realization is that — people from all different backgrounds, financial statuses, beliefs are just wanting to access those internal feelings of joy, love, happiness, freedom, and care.

Someone rich might want to access these feelings by going to an exotic beach. Someone who makes very little money might want to access the same positive feelings by going to a little fancy restaurant. We humans are the same at the core level. We all want to be loved, be happy and live a life of joy. Not only is it about the beach or the fancy restaurant, but also the feelings we want to feel. Your inner being doesn’t care about the external. Inner being only knows about the feelings.”

“Know that all your needs are valid and you shouldn’t be apologetic for having it. We have a need to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually bond with our partners. If you’re single, find someone who can validate your needs and never tell you “you are too needy”.

If you’re in a relationship — do you communicate your needs to them? Does your partner understand your needs? Or, do they dismiss them? Do you value your own needs? I personally accept that I have a huge deep capacity to love and my heart is now stuck open to receive love.

My needs are important and yours too. I accept my needs wholeheartedly and I am worthy of them. Needs are not bad and we are wired to emotionally attach with our partners the way an infant attaches to his/her caregiver.”

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Also, Thanks for reading this post. I hope you sit with these contemplations and see what arises in you heart. I’d also love to know what comes up for you. Please feel free to send me a short email and I’d definitely respond back.

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