Maryn Azoff — Vocal Transformation: Your Voice is the Ultimate Vibrational Tool


Before I introduce who Maryn Azoff is – I want to mention that healing through our voice was something introduced to me by Pasha, my spiritual guide, in late 2022. She encouraged me to use my voice to own my truth and step into higher levels of authenticity and help others using my voice.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a singer to do this transformational work. It’s one of the ancient techniques to heal different parts of ourselves. So far, I’ve worked with two vocal activation coaches for a short period of time.

Very recently, I came across the work of Maryn Azoff and I became very curious about her workshops, retreats, and other offerings. As they say – when you’re ready, the teacher appears. I’d also say that we all have a teacher within us who is ready to help others. I am always a student of life and now I step into the role of teacher where I use my voice to bring healing and transformation to myself and others.

I listened to Maryn Azoff‘s podcasts to get more understanding of vocal transformational work and I highly recommend it. This post highlights 3 podcast episodes on Spotify and they grabbed my attention. Moreover, I am attending her workshop soon and plan to attend retreats.

Now, introducing Maryn Azoff:

Maryn Azoff is a singer, vocal transformation coach, spirit lifter, soul emancipator + fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for many years + knows that it’s when people sing together that the true magic of music can happen! Her approach to singing + sharing is always from her heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom + love. She creates a safe, judgment-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself.

Maryn runs Vocal Transformation retreats + workshops all over the world connecting people to the power of their voice + unleashing the potential of the human voice + all of the areas we use it. This discovery is deeply spiritual + physical. the benefits of an empowered voice are backed by science proving that our own personal vibration has many physical, mental + emotional benefits. just understanding + knowing the healing power you possess is permanently life-altering.

Connect with Maryn Azoff: Instagram | Website

Podcasts I listen to:

a) World Awakenings #64 with Maryn Azoff: Her approach to singing & sharing is always from the heart, is deeply spiritual, and steeped in truth, wisdom & love. Maryn is also a singer & member of two bands, Tribe of Love and Cura Cura. She will help you to unleash the potential & power of your voice to help you blossom both physically & deeply spiritually.

b) Finding your Authentic Voice with Maryn Azoff: It’s been said that the tongue is a small thing, but it can do enormous damage. Pushing out hateful words or choking back ones that need to be said – our voice can be harmful to others and ourselves. But it also holds the power to HEAL and LIBERATE when we are in tune with our truest selves. This isn’t exclusive to singers or orators – if you talk at all, this episode is for you! Understanding the healing power you possess through a liberated voice is life-altering. If you’re looking for a practice that can help you unleash your authentic voice – one that is rooted in deep truth, trust, confidence in yourself, + love for others, then you don’t want to miss this conversation!

c) Physiological Frenquency, What is Love, Finding Your Authentic Voice: According to Maryn, “Vocal Transformation is a modern approach to an ancient method to fully claim the range and resonance of your voice while opening up your connection to the creative that flows through you. It blends the spiritual and the scientific to produce profound results in opening up the full capacity of the human voice.” Were you ever told as a child to “be quiet”? Or that you had a bad singing voice? Perhaps someone in your life encouraged the suppression of your voice?… well, this episode is definitely for you!

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