My Journey — Transformation and Growth, Healing, Meditation, Favorite Books, and More

the nishant garg show

In this episode, Mike Trugman interviews me. Mike’s mission is to provide the support, accountability, knowledge and safe environment for people to find a customized strategy that works for them to create  new reality: a life where you wake up each morning with purpose, energy and excitement.

In this episode, I share about:

  • My relationship with my parents
  • About my upbringing in India and how I moved to the US
  • Events that led to new transformations in life at the age of 30
  • Cultivating awareness and resilience
  • Journey of starting the podcast,
  • My lessons learned
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Shadow work, trauma and healing
  • My favorite books and music
  • and much more

Please enjoy!

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The Nishant Garg Show:

This show is about helping you live a fulfilled life and my job on this show is to sit with world-class experts to extract the practices, routines, and habits to help you live a fulfilled and abundant life. For any questions, please contact me.

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