Shalini Bahl, Ph.D. — Disrupt Default Thinking, Cultural Conditioning, Reset your Mind, and Seeing Possibilities In Our Discomfort (#119)

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D., is an award-winning researcher and Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction consultant and teacher. Through her evidence-based customized solutions based on 15 years of research, Dr. Bahl provides business, education and political clients with the mindfulness skills they need to disrupt harmful default habits to cope with stress, become more resilient to life’s obstacles, and live with empowered choice for personal and collective fulfillment. 

 Certified at the Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical School and the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute originating at Google, Dr. Bahl is the Founder of Know Your Mind LLC, a social business with the mission of making evidence-based mindfulness skills widely accessible. Dr. Bahl’s understanding of neuroscience, psychology, and management allows her a deeper understanding of client’s habits and decisions.  

A former successful entrepreneur and business professor, Dr. Bahl’s cultural experiences of living and working in three countries—India, Kuwait, and the USA—allow her to engage with diverse audiences including CEOs and executives at Fortune 500 companies, college campuses, and students. As an Affiliated Expert at the Isenberg School of Management, UMass, Amherst and Town Councilor in Amherst, Dr. Bahl provides her mindfulness teachings via accredited leadership programs on campus and to executive MBAs. 

 Dr. Bahl is a keynote speaker, has two TEDx talks, and her research has been published in premier marketing and public policy journals, and won the ‘Best Research Paper’ Award from The American Marketing Association in 2019. Her guided meditations and programs have had over 250,000 plays on the Insight Timer and Simple Habit app and her upcoming book is called Reset: 8 Mindfulness Skills to Disrupt Default Thinking and Make Decisions That Are Good for You and the World.

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Questions I ask:

  • What did you learn from living in different countries?
  • How should we work on our limiting beliefs which are not serving us?
  • How did you discover meditation in your life?
  • Know your mind and reset your mind.
  • and much more!

People Mentioned: Kristen Neff, Joseph Goldstein, Buddha

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