Tara Miller: Psychotherapist, Author, and Advanced Self-Regulation Therapy Trained

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Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Tara Miller has her Master’s degree in Counselling and is trained in Advanced SRT (Self Regulation Therapy). With a decade of private practice work as a clinician specializing in trauma , Tara continues her work worldwide as a consultant for resilience, mental performance, burnout prevention, and more using a neuroscience based approach to regulating the nervous system. Her articles and research have been published across North America where she is regularly invited to speak to professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, educators, and health care professionals on her approach to building lifelong resilience and agility. 

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Questions I ask:

  • How does meditation help in trauma and dealing with any problems or issues in our life?
  • Did you ever want to run away from meditation in the past?
  • Can somebody use meditation for PTSD?
  • Can’t we achieve all this thing by being just positive? What do you think about the power of positive thinking?
  • How can we cultivate more of resilience? What are the basic, simple practices would you recommend to our listeners?
  • and much more!

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