Randi Kay on Seasonal Healing, Self-Care Practices, Self-Love, Amplifying Inner Wisdom, and more (#93)

If I’m feeling a lot of anxiety, my mantra is I am calm.


Randi Kay is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator that has been helping people heal through bodywork, yoga, and self-care coaching for over a decade. Her mission is to help people simplify the healing journey by amplifying their own inner wisdom and teaching seasonal self-care practices. Along with her practice based out of Fargo, ND, Randi offers self-care tools online, such as her Seasonal Healing Membership, instructional online courses and coaching, and The Simple Self Care Podcast at NaturallyRandiKay.com

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In this episode, she talks about living on the mountains, seasonal healing, self- care practices, listening to music during cooking, meditation, advice for pregnant women, accepting the worst case, trust, positive affirmations, Self-Love, listening to intuition, laughing at pain and sufferings, Self-Care and Self-love with mindfulness, depression as a teenager, trust your own inner wisdom and your own natural rhythms,Meditation, Journaling, Gratitude and much more!

Please enjoy!

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Questions we discuss:

  • What did you learn from living in the mountains?
  • What are the seasons to rest and recover?
  • What are your current self care practices in this season?
  • Can we have too much of self love?
  • and much more!

People mentioned: Rashmi Bismarck, Tiffany Cruikshank

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