Consistency wins over Intensity

Over a long-term consistency ALWAYS wins over intensity.

It is always easy to measure success in the long term than in a short time.

A lot of people give up on their dreams when they don’t see results in the short term.

We try to achieve things with intensity. Intensity won’t last long but consistency.

When you start ANYTHING in small quantity and keep it consistent over weeks and months, then the compound interest of your success kicks in and you start reaping the benefits.

You do not get good interest from the bank when you deposit money.

It takes years to get compounded growth. Then, let’s apply the same patience in other areas of life.

You can also check out the video of Simon Sinek’s video here.

consistency over intensity

I want to start by asking you- do you love your partner/spouse? If yes, did you fall in love on the first date? Or, did it take both of you several weeks to fall in love and then you said- you are in love.

Learning any new skill, achieving a goal and working on your personal development doesn’t change things overnight however intensely hard you try. It takes patience, courage, and consistency to stay on track even when things are terrifying.

Reading only one book doesn’t change a life. When you start reading a positive book, you don’t become all positive in a day. It’s the consistency of applying principles and philosophy from one book and then moving on to another book will keep you stay kind, humble and grounded.

When you start doing physical exercise, you do not see results in a day or two. It takes weeks and months.

Doing meditation for 2 hours once in a week or whenever you will feel like will not give you the desired result.

It’s the discipline and consistency of doing it every day that will give you a daily piece of mind.

I have been meditating for the last 2 years. It was tough for me initially and I gave up on most of the days. I started with just 5 mins and kept consistency and since then I meditate almost every day for about 20 mins.

Eating 7 apples once a week won’t work. It’s the consistency of eating an apple a day will make you healthy.

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