Gratitude is a Practice

We all have heard phrases like “Gratitude is an attitude”, “an attitude of gratitude”.


I have seen a lot of people who have an attitude of gratitude, but they don’t practice gratitude.

When life sucks, do you incline towards what you don’t have in life or do you just appreciate everything in life?


Brain study and psychological study have proven that gratitude increases happiness and according to Brene Brown, gratitude is a practice.

In her book “the power of vulnerability”, she mentioned that calm and peaceful people constantly practice gratitude. When life isn’t great, they focus their energy on what they have, rather than what they do not have.

In the book “the power of positive thinking”, Norman Vincent Peace mentioned about a very wealthy man who was miserable and had lost all the hope in life and was asked to write down everything he had in life. When he wrote down everything he still had, he was amazed to see he has a lot of things to be grateful and thankful for.

Oprah is known for writing a gratitude journal for many years.

In my gratitude journal, I write all the positive things that happen every day.

You do not have to wait for big things to happen. If a cup of coffee gives you joy, you can be grateful for it and make it part of your journal.

In tough times when I am not feeling so amazing, I practice focusing my energy on what I have, what I have achieved and who I have become.

I try to focus on the opportunities lying ahead and always believe that this is an opportunity for me to grow from it and be grateful to God for putting me in this tough situation because He believes in me and always has a plan.

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