Choose To Grow

Let’s talk about spiritual growth.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience.

When you have hate, anger, and resentment in you, you’re going to put out the same in the universe and you’ll keep attracting the anger over and over.

Be kind and be loving.

Detach yourself from the outcome. Detachment doesn’t mean that you’re the victim.

It just simply means you’re not attached to the outcome and your life is fulfilled without it as well.


Work on your purpose, mission and you’ll be amazed to see how the universe brings like-minded people in your life at the right moment.

Here’s is a small story I experienced recently-
Someone asked me who was moving from Chicago to Austin that how it is to live in Austin, and I simply asked him- how it is to live in Chicago. He said it’s wonderful there, people are so nice, people are loving and caring. And, my response was you’re going to find similar people in Austin.

Think about it. If you have love in yourself, if you’re loving to unloving, if you’re patient with your progress, you are going to find love and peace everywhere.

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