Create White Space

At the end of your life, you won’t say- “you would have worked more, rather you would say, you would have RESTED more.”Being busy is NOT always busy.

We are constantly bombarded with new information and interruptions, leaving us very little time to think about ourselves. There is very little to the no-time left to work on our personal needs.

Do you like to make phone calls while driving or standing at the red light so that you can save a few mins?
Are you the one who likes to plan out and Schedule everything every hour?


Creating white space means- leaving some time free for doing JUST nothing and work on yourself and do things that you really love which is play for you.

I have been practicing creating white space daily at work and in personal life so that I can
☑️Create relationships
☑️Take a walk around
☑️Focus on what I want to do in life

White space is necessary to create higher awareness within yourself, connect to yourself and doing mindless activities that give the brain a break to process complex information.
You become calmer and more peaceful and sense a feeling of balance in life. Stopping and taking a pause for a moment is not a failure.

Rather, it gives us time to reflect on what we have gained and where we are headed to.

If you are not busy, you are being judged and not considered successful.

At a workplace, if your calendar is not packed, you are considered small.
I have worked with so many people in the corporate who are just being busy but unproductive. They are just going from one meeting to another without being conscious and not really processing information.

Creating white space in life is a practice and you will have to say NO to people when they demand your time.

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