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A few weeks ago, I called my friend Jennifer Goodman to discuss a business problem. I wanted her feedback to know if I’m thinking straight. She nudged me to listen to Ryan’s podcast and suggested I should connect with his entrepreneurial community.

Who’s Ryan?

Ryan Daniel Moran is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and host of Capitalism.com.

I’ve met Ryan a few times via mutual friends(and at retreats). I started listening to his podcast and really got obsessed with it. I don’t usually listen to business podcasts other than Tim Ferriss. Also, I instantly signed up for this Cap Con event.

Below is his short bio and how you can connect with him, and then follows the list of my favorite podcast episodes.

Ryan Daniel Moran is driven by the belief that entrepreneurs solve problems, and that the world needs more empowered entrepreneurs. He’s proud to take a bold stance on behalf of for-profit entrepreneurs. He believes business owners create change, and the government does the opposite. He believes that success requires personal responsibility and ownership. He believes that businesses must create, rather than extract. And he believes that the ultimate way to get ahead is to act in the service of others. That’s Capitalism in a nutshell: own, create, and serve.

Connect with Ryan: Website | Instagram | Cap Con Event

Book: 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

Podcasts I listened to:

From $300k to $10M: The ONE Habit To Master w/ Stacey Boehman: Stacey Boehman has sold everything from $19.99 cleaning products in Walmart to a $36,000 coaching package for entrepreneurs. Today she helps entrepreneurs make more money and she’s learned that your conviction and belief in yourself are ultimately more important than the offer itself or the price point. At the end of the day, selling all comes down to your mindset. She asks this thought-provoking question: “What was I thinking when I said that? What was I thinking when I wrote that?”

How I Raised My Net Worth By $4M In One Phone Call: How can you increase the value of a company you own and drastically change your net worth? It all comes back to relationships. In this podcast, Ryan follows up on his previous episode, “Understanding The 3 Types Of Money – The Key To True Wealth” to give an example of “enterprise value” – the value of a company you own.

The Secret To Growing Your Network (And Your Business) FAST: In this podcast, Ryan shares the story of how he met Gary Vaynerchuk, almost got into a fight with Grant Cardone, was asked by a billionaire to advise him, and almost went bankrupt in the entire process.

Understanding The 3 Types Of Money – The Key To True Wealth: How do you think people actually get rich? Like really, really rich? It isn’t from generating a few more thousand dollars a month in cash flow. In this podcast, Ryan talks about the difference between enterprise value, or equity in businesses, versus making cash and taking profits from a business.

5 Lessons From 8-Figure Entrepreneurs: While the business owners he interviewed on mindset come from different industries and have very different products and services they all had one thing in common – it was their mindset that lead to their success. In this podcast, Ryan shares the major takeaways you can apply to take your life and business to the next level.

Brooke Castillo: How To Change Your Thoughts To Get Rich: Brooke Castillo believes that the biggest thing holding entrepreneurs back from getting rich is changing their mindset. A few years ago Brooke was a low 6-figure coach who has since exponentially grown her business to the $50M point it is at today and is set on building a $100 million dollar business.

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