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raise your vibration
high vibration

We are all vibrational beings. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions all contribute to our vibration. When we vibrate at a higher level, we attract people and things that match our vibration, as you know, the law of attraction.

There are many ways to raise your vibration such as meditation, music, activities that give you joy, people that bring out the best in you, etc, etc. In this post, I mention some resources I’ve been practicing on a daily to raise my vibrational frequency.

Tuning Up Your Abundance Vibration for Abundance and Love: Is your vibration bringing peace or turmoil into your life? Here is Abraham Hick’s advice on tuning up your vibration that will turn your life around. What you believe you receive and tuning up your vibration starts right here. Relax and find your vibration with Esther’s word from Abraham’s understanding and knowing! Wishing you the best on your journey inward and out.

The Key to Create Anything You Want – Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks – The key to have highest vibration! Always!

Awaken Your Intuition | 10 Minute Guided Meditation To Enhance Your Inner Voice: Unwanted thoughts, people around you, and technology distract you from your inner voice. Often it can lead you to make decisions that you are not truly happy with. Every time you look back, you wish you had listened to your intuition. In this 10-minute meditation, combined with guided visualization, you will not only learn more about yourself and tap into that infinite wisdom but you will release stress from your body. This will help you to regain control over your decisions. All your doubts will melt away in your spiritual awakening, and you will gain a clear mindset of exactly what you need to do with every decision that comes your way.

Mei-lan – Angelic Frequency (inspired by ‘Awaken’ album): Relax into the sound. Allow yourself to be lifted up in comfort and love. Breathe in and breathe out as your being returns to its natural state.

Raise Your Frequency: When you raise your vibration and re-connect to your soul, you will experience deep healing — it also helps heal humanity and Mother Earth. Thank you for feeling called to be a part of this sacred moment and this offering from the Divine.

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