Brandon Bennett — Guided Mindful Oasis Meditation

Guided Mindful Meditation

This blog post is about Guided Mindful Meditation sent to me by Brandon. I met him a few years ago at a Toastmasters club and since then we kept in touch. He was kind enough to offer me two coaching sessions which were very helpful. If you’re looking to have peace, and balance in life, and want to be more mindful of how you live life — I do recommend working with him as he will help you open new portals of awareness and understanding of self.

Download Meditation: Guided Mindful Oasis of Inner Peace Meditation

Brief intro about Brandon:

Brandon Bennett is a former NFL Executive turned Certified Mindful Leadership Coach. His mission is to empower leaders to live more balanced, peacefully productive, and emotionally authentic lives. He helps highly-driven executives, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders create deeper levels of peace, mental clarity, and inner freedom in their lives.

A Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Highly Sensitive INFJ personality type, Brandon fuses both eastern and western modalities to assist leaders in slowing down, in order to sustainably reduce stress, create peacefully balanced lives, and tap into their highest human potential.

To learn more – Connect with Brandon: Website | Coaching Offerings

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