Contemplative Questions to Wander and Wonder

Contemplative questions

As I’m taking a deep dive into certain areas of my life, why I do, what I do, who I’ve become, and who am I becoming — I’ve been asking myself some questions in different contexts such as vocation, love, and relationships, friendships, podcast, etc. These questions can be applied in any context I believe. I’m glad to share those questions in this post. If you think these are irrelevant to you, please disregard them, and you might reconsider these at a later point.

The quality of our life depends on the quality of questions we ask ourselves. When we listen to life, when we listen to that softer inner voice — we usually listen to the calling, the unanswered questions, the unexplored territory. Listening to life is a lifelong practice and requires cultivating moments of silence.

I heard these questions in moments of hope and despair. These questions created a tingly feeling inside me and I couldn’t resist capturing them. Some of them came through when I was talking to Amanda Tempist Jade recently.

Here’s the list:

a) What am I not looking at in front of me in the hopes of the future? [Life happens only in the present moment. Hoping about the future and being optimistic is the key to success and well-being. Let’s not ignore what we have, who we are, in front of us in this present moment

b) Who am I without these relationships? [Trusting in the principle of Impermanence]

c) Who am I because of these relationships?

d) What the podcast has given me? [I’m practicing detaching my identity from the external significance. Even if the source of external validation and significance dissipates — I matter, I’m worthy, I’m significant.

e) Do I feel inspired with/around her? [Ask yourself: how do you feel when you’re with/around your friends and loved ones? Do you feel inspired and motivated? Or, feeling down?

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