Janet Attwood — The Passion Test, Mastering Self-Love, Wisdom From Spiritual Masters, The Power of Ritual, and More (#103)

Janet Bray Attwood is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test, and Your Hidden Riches As an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life, she has presented her programs as a featured speaker to hundreds of thousands of people around the world including, The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. John Gray, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Stephen Covey, Brendon Burchard and others. For her ongoing work with the homeless and kids in lockdown detention centers, Janet received the highest award for service from the President of the United States, “The President’s Volunteer Service Award.” Janet received the “World Peace Flame Award” from the Life Foundation International for her work in promoting peace. 

Janet has taken hundreds of thousands of people through The Passion Test process all over the world. Janet is the co-founder of The Passion Test Certification Program, which has over 3000+ Certified Facilitators in over 65 countries. Janet is also the co-founder of The Passion Test for Business, The Passion Test for Kids & Teens, Enlightened Bestseller program, The Passion Test Reclaim Your Power Program for the homeless and The Mastery of Self Love Program.

Do you want to learn how to live a life of meaning, inner peace, and purpose, and move through obstacles with ease? Janet has written an ebook called The Miracle of Self Love – 4 Magical Secrets for Living Your Magnificent Life and it tells you exactly how you can do that!  Janet is sharing 4 tools she has used to radically transform her life, and if you want to transform yours, then this is an e-book you must read! 

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Topics we discuss:

  • How do you deal with Inner Critic?
  • What did you learn from Indian Spiritual Masters?
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • How to cultivate the art of self love through transcendental meditation?
  • Hanuman Chalisa
  • and much more!

Holy book mentioned: Hanuman Chalisa

People Mentioned: Jack Canfield

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