Alisa Cohn on Startups, Executive Coaching, High Stakes Conversation, Better Decision Making, Meditation, Pausing, and more

Alisa Cohn is an executive coach who works with senior executives and high potential leaders to help them create positive permanent shifts in their leadership impact and the results they achieve. She was named the #1 Startup Coach in the world at the 2019 Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards in London, and also named one of the Top 30 Global Gurus for Startups of 2020. Based in NYC, She coaches startup CEOs, co-founders, other startup executives, and board members all over the world. She also works with executive teams to help them be stronger as a team, have the right conversations, and take the right actions to move forward faster.

Alisa provides practical tools and serves as a thought partner to support the challenging process of change. Leaders get the chance to practice their new behaviors and troubleshoot before doing them live. Prior to becoming a coach, Alisa, a CPA, was the CFO of Clairvergent Technology Group, a Vice President at two high-tech start-ups. She was a manager and consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Monitor Group.

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Alisa talks about:

  • How she coaches the founders and the cofounders in the startup world.
  • Adapting to different styles in a  high growth environment, 360-degree feedback,  conscious communication.
  • Switch between personal and professional mindset, the power of breath in and out.
  • How to plan for high stake conversations, calming techniques.
  • Add curiosity and subtract certainty.
  •  Frameworks to make better decisions.
  • Dealing with the inner critic.
  • Journaling prompts and conflict resolution.
  • Meditation
  • Morning routines.
  • The power of the pause.
  • Emotional Self-control.
  • Executing the plans excellently.
  • Rules of influence

People mentioned:

Tony Robbins, Dale CarnegieMaria Konnikova, Tony Schwartz,

Books mentioned:

The Biggest bluff, The power of full engagementHow to develop confidence and influence people

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