Laurie Palau on Mindfulness, Physical, and Emotional Clutter

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Laurie Palau is founder of simply B organized. Mom, wife, entrepreneur, & coffee lover.She hosts a weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and wrote a  book, HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED.  Think of them as survival guides for anyone who has felt overwhelmed and needs some simple strategies to get on track. One of her favorite things to do is share the strategies in-person at one of her events “The Clutter Clinic” ™ which is now a nationally recognized program!If you follow personality types, she’s an ENTJ and equally passionate about building relationships & empowering others. She has been blessed to have been able to turn her passion into a profession and now it’s her turn to help others do the same.

Please enjoy!

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Questions I ask:

  • Emotional/mental/physical  clutter
  • Vital function and delegation
  • time block and chunk
  • How to prioritize your day?
  • Batching and categorizing-
  • How to handle the anxiety ?
  • What’s your specific routine look like in the morning?-
  • Recommended morning routines?
  • and much more!

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