Podcast with Carin Rockind- From Pain to Purpose

Carin Rockind is a positive psychology expert, powerful motivational speaker,and caring coach who empowers people to pursue their dreams and bring their best selves to work and life. She helps people find meaning and inspiration in their work so that they maximize potential. After 15 years in corporate marketing, Carin became tired of seeing people shuffle through their days and lives. She knew she could empower people to thrive, so she traded in her suits to pursue her passion of inspiring people to live and work with purpose. Today, she works with companies like Amazon, Capital One, AVON, Ernst & Young, and Alcoa to teach employees to flourish and organizations to thrive. She is also the founder of Women’s Global Happiness Day, the only not-for-profit effort to eradicate the women’s depression epidemic worldwide.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Conquering Self-doubt
  • Pathways to happiness
  • Self love vs Narcissism
  • How to develop Self-Confidence
  • Combatting perfectionism
  • Myths of Purpose
  • Navigating from Perfect to Purpose
  • and much more

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