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Tyrone Smith is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, leader, community activist and motivational speaker. After he retired from playing professional football, Tyrone dedicated his life to helping youth and young adults score in life by obtaining the tools needed to enhance academic, social and moral development.  Tyrone’s philosophy, which stresses educational prowess and proactive social behavior, helps today’s youth and young adults become the leaders of tomorrow.  Tyrone is a published author with the recent release of his book titled Outside The Huddle: Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life. Outside the Huddle describes Tyrone’s heart-pounding journey from being an at-risk, inner city youth struggling in school with personal setbacks and yet making it to the NFL and life after football. 

Tyrone attacks the issues today’s youth and young adults can relate to with an explosive message delivered through the lessons he has learned along the way.  This dynamic book is a must-read for anyone who wants to get motivated to live with purpose to overcome adversity. He is the Founder of First and Goal Incorporated, a non-profit organization that provides the support and resources to help youth succeed in life.

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Some of the questions I ask:

  • At the age of 11, did you listen to any motivational speaker or who inspired you at that point?
  • Are you a sit in touch with your teacher?
  • After fifth grade, what did you do to get into playing football?
  • Who supported you in your journey to get to the professional football?
  • Do you have any admission process to enroll the students?
  • How do you talk about vision and purpose to young people?
  • What challenges do you face while working with young?
  • Giving a starts up process of receiving, does it mean that giving it all the time without ever expecting anything of receiving?
  • Does your children know what you do now?
  • How do you define success now?
  • What is the definition of success? What success looks like to you?
  • Can we spend a few minutes on God and church?
  • Do you pray every day?
  • Can we resolve all problems just by praying?-
    What do you tell older people to discover their purpose?
  • and much more!

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