Teresa Quinlan – Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and some Mindfulness

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Teresa Quinlan is a human first and an alchemist second. She believes that the synthesis of one’s intellectual quotient (IQ), personality, and emotional quotient (EQ) is the key to breaking through one’s talent quotient (TQ). As an Entrepreneur and Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, she is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to leveraging your IQ and personality. Teresa has been focused on transforming individuals, teams, and organizations to greater levels of performance since 1998 and has experienced leading teams and organizations through the highest of highs and the most challenging changes.

Having spent over 25 years cultivating a rich and diverse set of skills, knowledge, behaviors, coaching and training new and experienced leaders, and mentoring. Teresa started her career with every intention of blazing the trail that brought her the greatest achievement – her happiness, her joy, leaning into every opportunity to connect. This foundation of purpose has brought her the deepest levels of fulfillment and her passion lies in being able to share this with others.

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