Michelle Sterling – Life Experiences and Lessons, Creating Moments and Best Days

Michelle Sterling is on a mission to improve the human experience of life in our chaotic, hyper-connected, always-on world.  Combining her expertise in organizational learning & performance with findings from the latest scientific research, Michelle generates fresh insights on the human experience with one simple goal in mind:  Help others learn ways to show up more fully in life without sacrificing their uniqueness. As the founder of Vis Activa, Michelle leverages nearly 30 years’ worth of experiences in her work helping individuals, leaders, and organizations get their desired results without adding to the noise.  

Whether teaching, speaking, or coaching, her contagious enthusiasm helps others rekindle their desire to learn, explore, and create the life they’ve always wanted to live. With her thought-provoking content and light-hearted style, Michelle will leave you feeling not only better equipped to put your own ideas to use, but also inspired to join her on the quest to find a better way to work and live — so we can all get back to the serious business of enjoying our lives.

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