Elizabeth Ross – Intersection of Conscious Mindfulness and Capitalism, Work-Life Integration, Creativity

Elizabeth Ross is a natural entrepreneur, connector, and systems change architect. People often say that she brings calm and joy to the room. Elizabeth is a true explorer and loves to find solutions that improve the human experience. From a very young age, she had to branch out on her own because of family circumstances. That path has created who she is today and is what fuels her passion for life. Elizabeth observed that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in how we do business several years ago.

For a long time, colleagues would question these insights or say that “the world isn’t ready”. In her experience, that is not true. The world is ready. Our children and grandchildren are ready; we are ready to align our work with our hearts and with nature. The words love, soul, and spirit absolutely belong in the workplace. Why would any human being want to work for a business or company that is not invested in humanity?

She is a singer/songwriter and a charity auctioneer.  She has helped raised over $1M for her favorite charities in the past 20 years, including Riding to The Top-Therapeutic Riding Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House, Outward Bound, One Longfellow Square, Portland Ovations, and Girl Scouts. Outside of work, Elizabeth finds balance through the family, community, meditating in the woods, cooking, singing, mountain biking, and quarry swimming along the coast of Maine.

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