Sam Miller- On Depression, Healing, Self-Awareness

podcast with Sam Miller
podcast with Sam Miller

Samuel Miller is a writer and photographer who comes from a large family. He grew up outside Chicago, performing in any way he could during school: plays, choir, musicals, band. Throughout high school, he worked three jobs every summer and saw every movie he could. He studied film at Columbia College and drove a plow truck in the winters. He’ll tell anyone about the pizza in Chicago, so don’t get him started.

Having lived in Los Angeles for ten years now, he’s not only writing and taking pictures, but he also volunteers at 826LA and works with UnleaSHE to promote self-empowerment. He cares a great deal about mental health and dispelling the stigma of depression. Also, relevant to photography he loves talking about what it means to see someone or to be seen. Vulnerability, embracing imperfection.

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Instagram: @samueldouglasmiller

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In this episode, we are diving deep into understanding depression, healing, self-awareness, and a lot more. I believe that this conversation with Sam will bring the light of awareness in the darkness, and bring healing to the sufferings and pain.

We all go through tough times, negative feelings, depression, and sufferings. We get to talk about it to heal it. We get to be compassionate and kind to ourselves to feel what we are feeling, and seek support. There is no shame about it. None is perfect. We all belong to the same community of human beings. So, please reach out when you need support and don’t let yourself suffer. 

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Show Notes:

  • Lessons on Depression
  • Embracing depression and navigating through it.
  • Sam’s work is published in Us Weekly Magazine
  • Healing process
  • Transformation
  • Breathing exercise
  • Visualization in creative process
  • Turning photography passion into career

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