Joe Johnson on Happiness, Meditation, Books, Emotions

Control your emotions to get your life back.Build self-confidence by failing forward and learning from it, and much more!

podcast with joe johnson
Podcast with Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson– Sales, marketing and leadership trainer in the Power sports industry with 25 years evaluated experience. He is the Husband, father of two daughters and motorcycle enthusiast. His mantra- People are my passion. Author of Powersports marketing formula.

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Show Notes:

  • From Introversion to building self-confidence.
  • Being in the moment and controlling your emotions.
  • Teaching kids to love people with compassion and kindness.
  • Recording your “affirmations” to listen over and over
  • The power of morning routines.
  • The power of “writing” goals.
  • His mantra- “people are awesome”.
  • The power of “accountability partner” in life.
  • The power of coaching in every area that includes Faith, mind, body, and spirit.
  • Always learning from books.
  • Reading good books to get ahead in life.
  • Meditation to stay grounded.
  • Breathing to release anger, frustration, any other negative emotions.
  • And, a lot more to find in the audio!

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The Nishant Garg Show:

This show is about extracting information on Mindfulness, Personal Development, Spirituality, and basically everything which improves the quality of life. My job on this show is to invite people who are happy, who have endured failures, and who have practical tips to share on mindfulness practices, productivity hacks, habits, routines, time management and much more!

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