Courtnee Downs- US Army Soldier and Side Hustle!

Podcast with Courtnee Downs- US Army Soldier and Side Hustle!

Courtnee Downs

Courtnee Downs She is an active-duty Army Soldier of 19 plus years! All 19 of those years she has been working in Law Enforcement. 
She’s also a Network Marketer. 3 years ago, she realized something was in her life. She realized that there had to be more and decided to jump into a side hustle. That side hustle has turned into a job that she loves.

This year — she is preparing for retirement from the military this year,

You can find Courtnee on www.fearlesslyfreckles.com

Facebook: Courtness Downs

Please enjoy!

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Episode Notes:

  • Army journey- stationed in San Antonio
  • Applying leadership from army in personal life
  • Navigating from emotional impact
  • Practices to regain emotional energy
  • Authenticity in network marketing
  • on learning from Rejections
  • Don’t identify with failures
  • The “WHY” keeps evolving
  • 3-day rule to avoid temptations
  • Practicing letting go of comparison feelings
  • The power of positive affirmations
  • How to use silence as a mindfulness tool
  • Productivity principle: important vs urgent
  • Book “Stories that stick
  • Deepak Chopra
  • John Maxwell Leadership
  • Book awareness from Anthony de Mello

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