Embrace Silence: Silence Is Not Empty

Embrace silence. Silence is not empty. No matter how many times you cut the silence in half, you still get the silence.

Embrace silence. No matter how many times you cut the silence in half, you still get the silence.

Find some time to go in the silence. Find some time to walk without any music and just notice nature.

When you go in the silence —you’ll feel connected to the universal energy that created you.

Through silence,you will create space within your heart and soul to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes, we can’t hear our inner voice, which is telling us the truth, and we miss the opportunity to listen to her in the surrounding noise.

Why look for outside when we have solutions inside of us? Why look for external approval and validation when we are complete within us?

If you can take some time to go within yourself by seeking silence, you’ll find the solutions to the unanswered questions you’ve been asking yourself.

Silence is the key to the inner-peace.

Silence leads to awareness. And, awareness leads to an understanding of yourself, and understanding leads to the Self-Discovery.

What’re you waiting for?

Silence doesn’t necessarily mean sitting alone in a quiet room. You can even seek silence in a crowd.

Silence can internal and external. You can’t always find external silence. It’s the internal silence that matters the most. You can still be at peace and silence in a noisy crowd.

I see it all the time —people are always listening to something. Maybe , they are not conformable with silence. Maybe, they are! Who knows!

Sitting in silence can be tough in the beginning. But, you can start practicing it for a few mins , if your outcome is inner-peace.

I know —how daunting silence can be. I know —how daunting can it be just sitting in the silence. But, it is possible!

Meditation is one of the ways to seek silence.

Walking around without any music and just observing the surroundings —is a great way of seeking silence.

The idea is to find some time every day to get into the silence. By doing this, you are embracing your feelings and getting in touch with your emotions.

Meditation is not the only way to create peace within yourself. But what I can tell you from my experience is that — I find the solution to almost every problem in Meditation. I strongly believe that we can get rid of a lot of miseries just by Meditation. All a person’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.

Everyday 20 mins of silence in the form of Meditation is non-negotiable for me. I prefer Meditation in the morning before starting work. Some days, I meditate even in the evenings when I am feeling overwhelmed or unfocused. This practice has been the key to my life.

If you can go to your silence and connect to your universal spirit—you will have what you want to have, and you will become what you want to become.

Silence is a fruitful way to think clearly and create white space in everyday life.

Brené Brown has extensively talked about creating “Silence and White Space”, in her book “the power of vulnerability” as a means of wholehearted living

Benefits of Silence:

  • Self-Awareness: In silence, you stop the constant doing, listen to your emotions and be aware of the surrounding.
  • Reflective-thinking: It gives you the much-needed think-time. We are where our thoughts have brought us and we will go where our thoughts will take us.
  • Emotional and Mental recharge: It provides the time to recharge and regain energy. Working for straight long hours is also a cause of low productivity according to neuroscience.

If you want to try out Meditation, you can definitely look into these great mentors:

A peaceful mind generates power. Empty your mind if it has self-doubt, inadequacy, lack of self-confidence. You can only allow positive thoughts to enter your mind when it is empty. Fill it with positive words, thoughts, and ideas. Surround yourself with positive people.

Seek silence to have a peaceful mind!

It sounds so simple! Consistent practice is the key!

Stand guard at the door of your mind and never let negativity enter. Never take counsel of fear. Do the things you fear, the death of fear is certain.

Go to your silence, find a serene place without phone, books, and anything, for at least 15 mins every day and say it in your mind “it is possible and can happen for me”. Say it aloud in your mind “it is possible and can happen for me.”

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