Dating and Relationships: Rejections, Confidence, Alpha Male, and Self-Reliance

I never shared that my story was captured in a video newsletter in 2017 by Corey Wayne, and this post reveals that secret. I read this 17 times in 3.5 months by July 2017.

“How to be a 3% man”, I read this book 17 times in 3.5 months by July 2017, and by the end of 2017, I had read this book 30+ times.

This is the first-ever book I found in Personal development, and for me, this is my all-time favorite. I became obsessed with this book. I was reading it the first thing in the morning, and I was reading it again before bed. In fact, I was reading it all the time in my spare time.

Let me share a small story of how I found this book.

It was the first week of February 2017. I had emotionally hit the rock bottom. I was feeling deep pain. I didn’t know how to process my emotions. I was going through depressive episodes. I was living in Austin, Texas( I still am!), and the family was in India a thousand miles away. I had no friends here, and hardly any here I could share my emotions.

I was randomly browsing YouTube videos to avoid the pain to escape from my emotions. Suddenly, I came across a video from a guy Corey Wayne. His videos seemed weird to me. His teachings and language were new to me and falling flat on my ears.

At that moment, I was not really understanding what he was talking about. A random guy claiming to be a relationship and life coach! I couldn’t understand that! I didn’t know what life coach means and what they are supposed to do.

This world of transformation was new to me!

I started listening and watching his video content day in and day out.

I was entering into a completely new world. I had never heard of this “personal development” thing before in my life. What you don’t know, you don’t know!

I was feeling like I am a kid again in Kindergarten.

I became obsessed with his teachings. He was teaching about life, relationships, dating, and pretty much everything to find the meaning and purpose of life.

Corey Wayne is the first mentor I can literally say that gave a new direction to my direction-less life. Only through his teachings, I found other mentors, and my new journey had started. Thanks to Corey Wayne for being a source of change in my life.

I was a super shy guy, especially around women. I always thought I am born like this. I was terrified of talking to girls in my school and college. But that story ended in 2017 when I started applying principles of Corey Wayne teachings. I was feeling new to me! I was feeling I am born again.

I started gaining confidence around people at work and outside work. I was showing up as a confident man, and people were noticing the difference. My happiness quotient was going up as a result of gaining confidence, and I started to feel good about myself.

I started feeling different! I was in a different world!

I thought—the book How to be a 3% man is all about dating and relationships, so I wanted to try listening to his videos for a while before getting his book.

I think it was in March 2017, I got his free PDF after subscribing to his newsletters. Later, I got his audible book “How to be a 3% man”.  where I could listen any time whenever I wanted.

Not only this book is for men, but also the women can learn a lot from the underlying principles in finding purpose and mission in life, how to communicate well with your loved ones, and how to be a well-rounded person in all areas of life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

This is my first book in the space of Personal Development that changed the direction of my life. This book challenged me every day to grow and learn, and to face my fear and practice rejections every day. I was super uncomfortable during the times of rejection, and I always made a point to go back to this book.

By July 2017, I read this book 17 times. I was feeling confident. My inner voice said—yes, I can do this. I can do much better in life. I deserve to feel good. I deserve to have positive people in my life.

In 2017, I sent an email to Corey Wayne to show my Gratitude. I was so fortunate that he created a YouTube video on my story- No Defeat is final. You can read the newsletter at this link.

No Defeat is Final

So far, I have read this book 40+ times as of writing this post. I always go back to this book whenever there is a downfall.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who

  • Wants to find purpose and meaning in life.
  • Wants to attract a healthy partner.
  • Wants to develop healthy communication skills.
  • And a lot more to discover in the book.

You can find this book “How to be a 3% man” on amazon, and check his content on this website

From the deep of my heart, I thank Corey Wayne for being the source of Transformation in my life. You know who you are! I am so grateful to you.

Please always be awesome!

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