Dr. Tasha Eurich — Increase Your Self-Awareness, Importance of Feedback, Meditation, and Effective Decision Making (#108)

“The surprising truth about how others see us, how we see ourselves, and why the answers matter more than we think”


Dr. Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She uses science to help successful executives—from early stage entrepreneurs to public company CEOs—achieve dramatic and measurable personal and organizational change. She’s built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to professional development.

With a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Dr. Eurich is the principal of The Eurich Group, a boutique executive development firm that helps companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100—succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders and teams. She’s worked directly with tens of thousands of leaders and spoken live to hundreds of thousands more, on every continent but Antarctica. Her clients include Google, Salesforce, the NBA, IBM, Walmart, and the White House Leadership Development Program.

Her TEDx talks have been viewed more than seven million times. As a global thought leader, Dr. Eurich has been named one of the top 30 emerging management thinkers (Thinkers50), the #1 self-awareness coach (Marshall Goldsmith/Thinkers50), and the #1 organizational culture and #5 communication expert (GlobalGurus). She was also chosen from more than 18,000 candidates as one of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s “100 Coaches” to advance the practice of leadership (Dr. Goldsmith is recognized as the world’s most influential leadership thinker).

Dr. Eurich’s first book, Bankable Leadership, debuted at #8 on The New York Times bestseller list in 2013. Her latest book, Insight, delves into the connection between self-awareness and success, where she shares the surprising findings from her multi-year research program on the topic. Hailed as a “bold, exhilarating take on self-improvement” by Success Magazine and a “fascinating read” by The Guardian, Insight was named the #1 best career book by The Muse, a best book of 2017 by Strategy+Business, and nominated for 800-CEO-READ’s business book of the year. Brené Brown selected Insight as one of her Leadership / Business books, and famed Wharton professor Adam Grant calls it one of the three books he recommends most often.

Dr. Eurich contributes to Harvard Business Review, and her work has been featured in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, BBC, NPR, and Forbes, as well as peer-reviewed journals.

Please enjoy! Check out the books and resources from Tasha.

Books: Insight, Bankable Leadership

Are you as self-aware as you think? Take the INSIGHT quiz at: www.insight-book.com

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Topics we discuss:

  • What is self awareness?
  • Do you have any advice for somebody who thinks they are not self aware?
  • Was there any instance in your life when you realize that you are not self aware and then you needed to work on this?
  • Could you tell us some of the practices to develop self-awareness?
  • How to respond to negative feedback?
  • Is there a specific language to request for the feedback in our personal and professional life?
  • and much more!

People Mentioned: Chip and Dan Heath, Marshal Goldsmith,

Books Mentioned: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact

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