Amy Coleman, MD — Ancient Wisdom Merges Into Modern Science, Functional Integrative Medicine, Balancing Nervous system, and More (#110)

Dr. Amy Coleman  is CEO and founder of Wellsmart, a federally recognized, woman-owned, veteran-owned company that delivers advanced healthcare systems to the government and military sectors. She is owner and practitioner of the Wellsmart Functional and Integrative Medicine Clinic in Lexington, KY.   

Dr. Coleman has eight years of military medical leadership as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force.  She served as an expeditionary Flight Surgeon during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was promoted as the first female and youngest Commander of the Special Operations Clinic at the Air Force European Headquarters.

 She served as a dedicated physician and appointed consultant to fighter pilot squadrons, special forces units, US embassies,  Generals, and to NASA for the Space Shuttle Trans-Atlantic Landing missions (TAL).  Dr. Coleman helped to orchestrate the adoption of acupuncture into the Air Force, which has greatly reduced the use of opiates and restores greater functioning for veterans and active duty members.  She was trained in Japanese Acupuncture from Harvard and completed a fellowship in  functional medicine from the Cleveland-Clinic based IFM model.  

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Book: Discovering Your Doctor Within

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Topics we discuss:

  • Eastern and western models of wellness
  • Sympathetic dominance: sympathetic dominant condition as a source of many health problems today
  • What could be some of those ways to balance our nervous system?
  • Practices in your personal life to get calmed down?
  • and much more!

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